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Klasse 6 Inhalt der Übung
Übung Nr. 1 the relative pronouns who, which, whom and whose, questions with do and does
Übung Nr. 2 personal pronouns, sentence writing (+ - ?)
Übung Nr. 3 simple present and simple past, adjectives and adverbs, interrogatives
Übung Nr. 4 the genitive, sentence writing (+ - ?)
Übung Nr. 5 simple present and simple past, questions, present tense and past tense
Übung Nr. 6 some, any and their compounds, simple present and present progressive, word order
Übung Nr. 7 plural forms, simple present, present progressive, simple past or past progressive, asking questions
Übung Nr. 8 sentence switchboard, question words
Übung Nr. 9 a and an, past tense and present perfect
Übung Nr.10 tenses, statements and questions, question tags, passive voice
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