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E - Klasse 8 - Arbeit Nr. 1

Beaumaris Castle, Wales

Beaumaris Castle, Wales


1. Reported speech. Rewrite the following sentences in the reported speech. Mind the tenses.

1.1. Di said: "I can't lend you my bike, Ed."


1.2. Lisa says: "My parents are on holiday."


1.3. Alice told me: "I enjoyed my job at the butcher's very much."


1.4. We asked her: "How long have you been here?"


1.5. Pete asked: "When did Sue find a flat?"


1.6. Joe said last Friday: "I'm leaving tomorrow."


1.7. Susan said: "The beach is wonderful. I like it here."


1.8. Lizzie asked: "What did you have for breakfast yesterday?"


1.9. The passengers asked: "Has the plane landed yet?"


1.10. "Do you play hockey, Charlie?" Mrs Wells wanted to know.


1.11. Jeff said to Jill: "I really hate beans on toast."


1.12. Patrick: "I'm sure Sally will come."


1.13. Eve told her friend: "I was late for work."


1.14. Yesterday Tim said to me : "I think Peter is German."


1.15. After the meeting with his teachers Daniel promised his dad: "I will work harder."



2. Adjective and adverb. Copy the complete sentences.

2.1. Johnny came into the room. (slow)


2.2. Boyd will grow up to be like his father. (strong)


 2.3. My father eats anything. (hard)


2.4. Mrs Wilson makes gingerbread. (good)


2.5. "We're going to be tank drivers," said Johnny. (proud)


2.6. Does your father work? (hard)


2.7. Mrs Wilson reacted to Boyd's refusal. (angry)


2.8. Boyd came in carrying a pile of dry wood. (heavy)


2.9. The boys did not realize how Mrs Wilson felt. (defeated)


2.10. The man was taken to hospital. (sick, quick)



3. Relative pronouns. Fill in the correct relative pronouns if necessary. Don't use that.

3.1. I know somebody father is a sales assistant in Bournemouth.

3.2. Did you meet the Mrs Shapiro gave us the cheque over € 234?

3.3. Where can I buy a house is big enough for my family?

3.4. He read the newspaper you spoke about last time.

3.5. Where is the new game my sister bought for me at Harrod's?

3.6. Sheila is the girl works for my brother.

3.7. The students did not understand the questions the teacher asked.

4. In English, please.

4.1. Ich lebe sehr gern in dieser Stadt. Sie ist nicht schmutzig und laut.


4.2. Es macht Jimmy nichts aus, seiner jüngeren Schwester bei den Hausaufgaben zu helfen.


4.3. Kannst du es dir vorstellen, ein Star zu sein?


4.4. Hör auf zu reden, Sarah!


4.5. Es macht uns keinen Spaß, am Sonntag Rad zu fahren.



4.6. Kann deine Mutter das Rauchen nicht aufgeben?




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