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E - Klasse 7 - Übung Nr. 9


1. The passive voice. Rewrite the following sentences in the passive voice.

1.1. Jane was following Mike.  


1.2. Jim would not have answered that question.



1.3. Suddenly someone opened her the door.




1.4. The doctor gave him some tablets.



1.5. Chris read that book.



1.6. Tom had seen them.



1.7. Sue will buy a new house.



1.8. John must sell the computer.



1.9. Paddy has never watered the flowers.  



1.10. Our neighbours would paint the fence.



1.11. Somebody has just found his keys.



1.12. The police are arresting the thief.


2. Defining nouns.

2.1. baker

2.2.  teacher

2.3. computer

2.4. library

2.5. aunt

2.6. school

2.7. Germany

2.8. apple

2.9. tractor

2.10. hospital

3. Reported speech. Imagine you met your old friend Jack Daniels.
Here are some of the things he told or asked you. Tell another friend - Lucky Strike - what he said.
Start your sentences with "Jack said (that) ..." or "He told me (that) ... "or "He asked me ..." .

3.1. I live on a farm near Atlanta.

3.2. I've never been to Japan.

3.3. I'd like to visit my relatives in Ohio.

3.4. What can you tell me about your boss?

3.5. My little brother fell off a tractor yesterday.

3.6. I'll pick you up at the hoverport.

3.7. Why do you think you are not good enough for the job?

4. Active voice and passive voice again. Rewrite the sentences in the passive or in the active. Mind the tenses!

4.1. My English lessons don't bore me.

4.2. Bell invented the telephone.

4.3. His stupid answer surprised us.

4.4. Leo will invite Sharon.

4.5. The students must learn the irregular verbs.

4.6. Ian's sons has just broken the bathroom window.

4.7. The birds drank water.

4.8. Jayne always makes dinner.

4.9. My father paid the waiter in €.

4.10. Was JFK killed by Lee Harvey Oswald?

4.11. Hasn't the waitress stolen his coat?

4.12. Did Jayne do the washing-up?

5. Do and make. Click the answer button to see the correct answer.

5.1. Does Gina have time to   a telephone call?

a. do
b. make


5.2. Jill the shopping and Bertie goes to the bank.

a. does
b. makes


5.3. They breakfast for us.

a. do
b. make


5.4. Have you already the beds?


a. done
b. made


5.5. My father a lot of research at the new lab.


a. does
b. makes


5.6. John'll the appointment for 4:00 in the afternoon.

a. do
b. make


5.7. The students tried not to any errors.

a. do
b. make


5.8. The children are too much noise.

a. doing
b. making


5.9. The two nations wanted to peace.


a. do
b. make


5.10. You  must your homework before you go to school.


a. do
b. make

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