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E - Klasse 5 - Übung Nr. 6


1. Spelling. Find the correct spelling. School.

2. Simple present and present progressive. Before you check your answer, write it down.

2.1. Mr Hillary (walk) to school every morning. But today he

(go) on his bike.

2.2. Now the dog (run) across the grass.

2.3. At the moment Sue (talk) to her teacher. She often

(talk) to her after the lessons.

2.4. Every afternoon my grandparents (sit) in the garden. But

today they (sit) in the living-room because it (rain).

2.5. Today Mr Harding (be) at home. He (be) in the

kitchen. He (prepare) some food for his youngest daughter's

birthday party. He (make) lots of sandwiches, and he

(bake) a cake for her. Sandra (help) him with

everything. She (prepare) a pie. At 8 o'clock the guests

(arrive). Look!

They (give) their birthday presents to Sandra's sister.

2.6. Toby Richardson (like) models. So he regularly

(go) to the model club of his village. Today he (go) because he

(want) to learn something new about model planes. He

(collect) model planes. Look! Ralph Dadson

(come), too. Afterwards he and Toby always (meet) in the pub

next to the club.

2.7. Tim and Jonathan (be) in 4C. It (be) half past ten

now. They (listen) to their new English teacher, Miss Mudpuddle.

She (tell) them something about the biggest castles in Wales.

Dave and Liz (talk). Miss Mudpuddle (be) cross with

them: "You must not talk in class."

2.8. It (be) Saturday today. Sarah (play) hockey

every Saturday. But, look, today she (play) table-tennis.

2.9. What the Browns (do) every Sunday. Every Sunday they

(get up) very early. Then they (put) a lot of things in

the car. Then they (drive) to the seaside. They (have)

a picnic there.

2.10. In the classroom.

Teacher: Vincent, what (do) now?

Vincent: I (learn) the new English words.

Teacher: Chris, how old (be) you?

Chris: I (be) 12.

Teacher: Sharon, what (do) at the moment?

Sharon: I (clean) the board with a duster, Miss Mudpuddle.

2.11. In the kitchen.

What (drink/mother) at the moment?

- She (have) a cup of tea. And father?

- He (have) tea, too.

- Where (be) John?

- He (clean) father's car in front of the garage. He always

(clean) father's car on Saturdays.

- And where (be) Martina?

-  She (be) still in bed. On Saturdays she always

(have) breakfast in bed.

2.12. Father (work) every day. Now he (work) in the


2.13. At this moment my brother (do) a test. We

(do) a test every Monday.

2.14. The children always (play) in the garden. But now they

(play) in the cellar.

2.15. Every day the policeman (watch) the traffic. At this moment

a lot of cars (go) along Oxford Street.

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