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E - Klasse 8 - Arbeit Nr. 4

Caerau, South Wales

Caerau, South Wales


1. Reported speech. Rewrite the following sentences in the reported speech. Mind the tenses.

1.1. The teacher asked: "Can I have your biro, please, Susan?"


1.2. Dr. Willard wanted to know: "Who was responsible for the cars?"


1.3. The famous scientist said: "The sun always rises in the east."

1.4. "We will be there soon.", the mountaineers promised us.


1.5. The pop star replied: "I've never been to London."

2. In English, please.

2.1. Er sagte, dass sie nicht wussten, was sie machen sollten.


2.2. Die Mädchen fragten überrascht, ob sie hereinkommen dürften.


2.3. Der alte Mann antwortete, dass es zu regnen begonnen hätte und dass wir einen Schirm brauchen würden.



3. Tenses. Use the right tense: past perfect, past tense, simple past and simple continuous.

3.1. Tina  (lie) in bed because she (catch) a cold.

3.2. When I (marry) my wife Indra, I (see / not) her face until after we


 (be married).

3.3. My car (go) when I (come) out of the house. I (park / not) it properly,


so it (slowly / roll) down the hill right into our neighbour's garage.

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