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E - Klasse 9 - Arbeit Nr. 3

a beauty spot in mid-Wales

a beauty spot in mid-Wales


1. Reading comprehension. Answer the questions on the text below in complete sentences. Do not copy the text.

Going by Train

Holidays at last! The pupils left the boarding school happily. Some pupils were looking at their reports, others were putting

them into their schoolbags and talking about their holiday plans. Many parents collected their sons and some of them looked

a bit angry when they saw their sons' reports. My father couldn't collect me as his car was in the garage. Some friends and

I got into a bus which took us to the railway station of Luton.

We bought tickets and got on the train. At the next station, Leatherhead Station, my friends and I had to change. We had

different destinations. My friends' train left the station 15 minutes later but I had to wait for my train.

I found a good seat near the window and settled down. The train left the station. But what a surprise! After a few minutes I

saw the sign for Luton Station again. That was the station which I had left with my friends. I saw the bus which had taken

us to that station from the boarding school. I was in the wrong train! I left it quickly at the next station and entered the lounge

there. I wanted to buy a new ticket but I found that I hadn't got enough money. I was very sad. For a very long time I was

sitting on the bench in the lounge and didn't know what to do. I didn't dare to ask the railway men to help me. The ticket

agent was watching me, but he couldn't know why I was sitting there. But then he suddenly came up to me.

"Who are you waiting for?", he asked. "I was in the wrong train", I said.

"I haven't got enough money to buy a ticket to go home to Salisbury".

The ticket clerk left. When the next train to Salisbury arrived the ticket clerk went up to the conductor. They talked to each

other. When they had finished their talk the conductor shouted:

"Come on boy, get on the train or you won't get home in time and your parents will worry".


Questions on the text


1.1. Why did some parents look unfriendly?


1.2. Why couldn't the narrator's father collect him?


1.3. Why was the narrator alone at the next station?


1.4. How did he see that he had got into the wrong train?


1.5. Why didn't he buy a return ticket?


1.6. How can you tell that he was a bit shy?


1.7. Would you like to go to a boarding school? Write in at least 5 (five) sentences why or why not.



2. Relative clauses. Find out which of the following relative clauses are restrictive (defining) and which are non-restrictive (non-defining).
Use the correct relative pronouns where necessary. P u t   i n   c o m m a s   where necessary.

2.1. The men were tired stopped working.


2.2. The book I bought yesterday is interesting.


2.3. This book has only fifty pages is interesting.


2.4. Mr White we met last night is my partner.


2.5. The man we met last night is my partner.


2.6. The secretary gave the letter to my brother Rick posted it.


2.7. Somebody smokes must have been in my bedroom.

3. Tenses. Supply the correct tense to complete the following sentences.

3.1. At the moment I (study) hard for my exams because I (take) my A-levels next year.

3.2. If I (do well) in my exams, I (probably / go) to university.

3.3. I (already / decide) which university I (like) to go to after I


(leave) school.

3.4. I (apply) to Newcastle University two weeks ago. I  hope) they


(accept) me.

3.5. I (want) to study art and design and so I (work) especially hard in these subjects for the


last few weeks.

3. 6. I (not / know) if I (ever / be) successful but I (want) to work for


a television company later.

3.7. If I (not / take part) in the exchange with Rugby School, I (not / find out) what a famous


public school (be) like.

3.8. If we (know) somebody in the school, we (be) less nervous when we  



3.9. The students at Rugby School (not / ask) Rita if her brother (be) a British citizen if he


(be) white.

3.10. The pupils (talk) about pollution in the river near their school for years, but fish (still / die) in it.

4. Articles. Put in a  or an  where necessary.

4.1. What big car! I've never seen such wonderful car.

4.2. He couldn't say in loud voice that he was having terrible headache and bad cough.

4.3. Don't talk such nonsense. This car goes faster than 100 miles hour.

4.4. He was taxi-driver first. Then he became headmaster of Munster.

4.5. On such cold night you should not stay outside in your miniskirt.

5. Articles. Put in the  where necessary.

5.1. life Queen Elizabeth lives is very luxurious; but you all know that life is short and how quickly time passes.

5.2. summer is best season to go to Wales, but in summer of 1963 weather was very bad.

5.3. - I'd like to speak to Mr Smith.

- Do you mean Mr Smith who works in computer department ?

5.4. school is near hospital.

5.5. quality of education was criticized in and above all outside Oklahoma at end of   1960s.

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