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E -Stufe 12 - Übung Nr. 9


1. Present and past participles instead of relative clauses. Decide if you need a present or past participle.

1.1. The work (do) by immigrants is mostly very badly paid.

1.2. The jobs
(offer) them by employers are often the kind of jobs that white people would refuse to do.

1.3. Even though non-white people
(live) in Britain are protected by the Race Relations Act

(pass) in 1976, some still complain that they are discriminated against by their employers.

1.4. In spite of the race Relations Act, there are still many companies
(discriminate) against people

because of their race, colour, or nationality.

1.5. But it is not all negative. Many non-white people
(work) in Great Britain have also become lawyers, medical

doctors or even teachers.

2. Reading comprehension. Read the text below very carefully before going on to the questions.

Horatio Alger, Ragged Dick

Reading comprehension against the clock. You have to decide whether the 10 statements are right or wrong.

Only one attempt can be made at each sentence.

You can see if your answer was correct by looking at the score box.


2.1. Ragged Dick went to the Old Bowery last night and came back at seven o'clock.




2.2. Ragged Dick was caught stealing once.




2.3. Dick's bedchamber after the visit to the Old Bowery had been a wooden box half full of straw, on which the young bootblack had reposed his weary limbs, and slept as soundly as if it had been a bed of down.




2.4. When Dick was up, one could see that his pants were torn in several places, and had apparently belonged in the first instance to a boy two sizes larger than himself. He wore a vest, all the buttons of which were gone except two, out of which peeped a shirt which looked as if it had been worn a month.



2.5. Dick charges 20 cent to shine the boots of the passers-by. But it is not all clear profit because there are the blacking costs.




2.6. Dick is supposed to leave the change at No. 125 Fulton Street.



2.7. Mr Greyson does not really think that Dick will give the change back. He'll give Dick his custom regularly if he comes back with the money.



2.8. Ragged Dick never played tricks on other people.




2.9. Another of Dick's faults was his extravagance, and he was careless of his earnings.




2.10. Dick's habit of smoking cost him considerable, for he was rather fastidious about his cigars, and wouldn't smoke the cheapest. Besides, having a liberal nature, he was generally ready to treat his companions.


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