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E - Klasse 6 - Arbeit Nr. 3

a prisoner in the US

a prisoner in the US


1. Reading comprehension. Answer the questions below in complete sentences.

A true story?

While my friend, George, was reading in bed, two thieves climbed into his kitchen.

After they had entered the house, they went into the dining-room. It was very dark, so they turned on a torch.


Suddenly, they heard a voice behind them. "What's up?

What's up?" someone called. The thieves dropped the torch and ran away as quickly as they could.

George heard the noise and came downstairs quickly. He turned on the light, but he couldn't see anyone. The thieves had already gone.

But George's parrot, Harry, was still there. "What's up, George?" he called.

"Nothing, Harry," George said and smiled. "Go back to sleep."

(129 words)

1.1. Who tells the story?


1.2. When did this story happen?


1.3. What was George doing when the thieves climbed into the kitchen?


1.4. Where did the thieves go after they had entered the house?


1.5. Why did they use a torch?


1.6. What didn't they know?


1.7. What was so special about George's parrot?


1.8. What was his name?


1.9. What did Harry do?


1.10. What did the thieves do then?


1.11. Why did George come downstairs?


1.12. Why couldn't he see anyone?


1.13. How did George know that thieves had been in the house?


2. Tell the story above to a friend. Use your own words. Do not write more than 45 words.

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