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E - Klasse 5 - Übung Nr. 1


1. Spelling. Find the correct spelling. Family.

2. Pronouns

2.1. His or he's? Their or they're?

2.1.1. Dave has got a new pen. It's in pencil-case.

2.1.2. The Connors aren't from Hatfield.  from Dover.

2.1.3. Kevin isn't twelve.   eleven.

2.1.4. Dave and Sally have got a dog, Fred. And Susie is cat.

2.2. His - he's - its - it's their - they're - your - you're.

2.2.1. The Connors have got a flat.  balcony is nice and big.
2.2.2.Sally King has got a brother.  
name is Dave. in Kevin's class.
2.2.3. Mr Hill: "Oh yes.
name is Kevin O'Connelly.  in my class."
2.2.4. Kevin and Dave are in the same class.    in class 3 E.  English teacher is Mr Hillory.

2.2.5. time to go home now.

2.2.6. Tom and Jerry have got a car. Look.
washing car.
2.2.7. Here's Pat.
having a cup of tea, but Tim and Joff aren't. eating a sandwich.

2.3. Fill in the correct pronouns.

2.3.1. I can see Jim and Patricia. - Oh, can see , too.

2.3.2. Where is Nancy ? - I don't know where is.

2.3.3. George, have got rubber? need now.

2.3.4. What's name?

- name's Stanley.

- How old are ?

- 'm 12.

- Have got a sister?

- name's Pat.

- Who is English teacher?

- Mr Double.

2.3.5. Look at this puppet. Isn't face nice?

- Yes, 's great. like puppet.

- Thank you.

2.3.6. Hello, 'm Susan. This is sister Julie. 're twins. 've got the same hobby. 's writing letters.

father's a taxi-driver, mother's a nurse. 've got a big dog. 's four. name's Spook.

2.3.7. How do
get home?

- walk.

2.3.8. Read the books and then put in bag, please. 2.3.9. Can lend ruler and pen, please? - No, sorry, need .

2.3.10. Look, there's a new car. -
like .

2.3.11.  can't find ball-pens. Where are ? - Here are. 2.3.12. Where's Chester Square? - 's near Kennedy Square.

2.3.13. Excuse , please. Can tell the way to the youth hostel, please?

2.3.14. Where are
records? I can't find . - Here are.  

2.3.15. Can
come to house on Saturday? - No, can't.

3. Translation

3.1. Hier sind Jims und Tims Fahrräder. Dieses sind ihre Fahrräder. 

3.2. - Wessen Mäppchen ist dies?

- Es ist mein Mäppchen.


3.3. - Wie kommst du zur Schule?

- Mit der U-Bahn. Und du? - Mit meinem Fahrrad.

4. Present tense verbs (simple form). Use the following verbs to complete the sentences below:

take - learn -tell - think - be - throw - can - hurry - understand - wake up - wear - win - write - buy- run after - water

4.1. Mr. VanKlinckerhoven at our school.

4.2. That's a good idea, but I it's too bizarre.

4.3. I simple mathematics problems very well, but not complicated ones.

4.4. Rich people expensive clothes.

4.5. My friend in Africa me letters.

4.6. People sometimes money in the lottery.

4.7. Everyday, she at 5.

4.8. In baseball the pitcher the ball to the catcher and  past the batter.

4.9. I don't trust that man. He always lies.

4.10. Many commuters the underground when they work.

4.11. My children expensive clothes.

4.12. His students better than hers.

4.13. Tony Kelloggs Cornflakes very much.

4.14. Mrs Rich to school every morning.

4.15. Tim and Joff football on Saturdays.

4.16. They always books over the weekend.

4.17. He never the bathroom window before he .

4.18.His wife the flowers every evening.

4.19. Tiger, the cat, Bingo, the dog.

4.20. Sheila the text.


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