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E - Klasse 6 - Arbeit Nr. 6

happy students

happy students


1. Reading comprehension. Read the following text.
Then answer the questions below in complete sentences.

My sister and I, Sue, didn't know what to do this weekend. So in the end we went to the greyhound races. We wanted to see Uncle Mike's greyhound. He

had bought her in France last year. Our dad took us to the stadium. We had to pay five pounds to go in. I think this is very expensive.

There were lots of people there. Many of them were betting on the races. Our uncle's dog came in last. I did not bet, and so I did not lose any money.

Before we went home, my sister invited me to a restaurant. We had a cup of tea and a big portion of fish and chips. I like fish and chips very much.

We came home at 10 o'clock. Then our mother let us watch a great western on TV.

Well, I must say this weekend was not boring at all.

1.1. Where did the two girls go?


1.2. Why did they go there?


1.3. Where is the dog from?


1.4. How much did they have to pay to get in?


1.5. What were many of the people doing there?


1.6. Did Peggy bet too?


1.7. Why did they go to a restaurant?


1.8. Why was their mother great?


2. Personal questions. Richard asks questions. You give the answers.

Richard wants to know

2.1. your name.

2.2. how old you are.

2.3. what town or village you come from.

2.4. how many brothers and sisters you've got.

2.5. what your hobbies are.

2.6. what your favourite subjects are.

2.7. when you did your homework yesterday.

2.8. when you got up this morning.

2.9. how you got to school today.

2.1. Richard:


2.2. Richard:


2.3. Richard:


2.4. Richard:


2.5. Richard:


2.6. Richard:


2.7. Richard:


2.8. Richard:


2.9. Richard:


3. Past tense and present perfect. Fill in the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
Remember: Do only use the past tense or present perfect forms of the verbs in brackets.

3.1. - I to Sleaford last month. (go)

- you it? (like)

- Yes, I   the trip very much. (enjoy)

3.2. - Where's the ham, Timmy? you it away?

  you it in the fridge? (put / put)

- Yes, I , Mum. the shopping list yesterday? (you / write)

- Yes, I , Timmy.

3.3. - Brenda, with my book on cats yet? (you / finish)

- What? I it. (get / not)

- But I it to you last Monday. (give)

- Oh, yes, that's right. Sorry, I (forget). You can have it back this afternoon.

4. In English, please.

4.1. Wie viele Menschen leben in London?


4.2. Was passierte dir am Montag?


4.3. Warum erzählte er ihr nicht über seinen Unfall?


4.4. Wessen Tasche kannst du auf diesem Bild sehen?

4.5. Wo konnte er billige Schallplatten kaufen?


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