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E - Klasse 9 - Übung Nr. 6


1. Prepositions plus gerund.

1.1. He insisted (arrive) on time

1.2. Who is in charge (prepare) lunch?

1.3. Many young people do not care (help) the old.

1.4. He apologized
them (not , write) more often.

1.5. She often dreams (be) famous.

1.6. They are looking forward (go) to Australia.

1.7. I am tired (wait) for you.

1.8. My mother warned me (marry) this girl.

1.9. What is the point (take) this test?

1.10. Mike blamed me (lose) the match.

1.11. They believe (swim) a mile every day.

1.12. Many Germans are accoustumed (eat) lunch at 12.

1.13. If you try harder, you can succeed (reach) your aims.

1.14. Tom had difficulty (find) a new job.

1.15. She wasn't used (be treated) like that.

1.16. Queen Mary was accused (conspire) against Elizabeth's life.

1.17. He was absorbed (study) a Greek book.

1.18. Their arrival prevented us (go) to the seaside.

1.19. Do I have the pleasure (speak) to Mrs Oldcastle?

1.20. He thought (spend) his holidays in Wales.

1.21. She is so fond (read) detective stories.

1.22. He was far (blame) her.

1.23. We objected (open) the door.

1.24. I'm interested (buy) a new house.

1.25. She was capable (climb) high mountains.

1.26. Tomlinson wrote a book (be) a gangster in politics.

1.27. She was angry (find) the doors locked.

1.28. Herbie is sick (go) out alone.

1.29. His wife is bad (make) sandwiches.

1.30. They thanked me (repair) their cars.

2. Conditional clauses. Complete the missing tenses.

2.1. If you (want) to put an ad in the paper, ring 0800 - 12345678.

2.2. If it had been raining all the time, the weather (be) awful.

2.3. If I (be) you, I would get a local firm.

2.4. If your fridge (work / not), phone Swansea 987654321

2.5. You (buy) an mp3 player if you had not lost your new mobile.

2.6. If it snowed during the night, Jerry Lee (go) snowboarding the next morning.

If there is no tea left, we (have) to drink lemonade.

You'll be more successful if you (study) harder.

2.9. If you (be) hungry, Tim, ask your mom for a sandwich.

If it snows tomorrow, we (stay) at home.

2.11. If she (find) Bill's address, she would have sent him an invitation.

2.12. If you send your order by email, we (deliver) the computer immediately.

2.13. If they (read) the newspaper more carefully, they would have seen the job advertisement.

2.14. The teacher (be / not) very happy, if you forgot your homework regularly.

2.15. If I (be) a cowboy, I would spend most of my day with horses.
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