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E - Klasse 5 - Übung Nr. 4


1. Find the right spelling.


2. Relative pronouns. Fill in the correct relative pronoun. Do not use 'that'.

2.1. This is the house Jack built.

2.2.  He often goes to the playground is just round the corner.

2.3. My brother, is in the Lake District, feels rather sick. 

2.4. The man feeds my cats is our neighbour.

2.5. She wants to see her sister works in London. 

2.6. The house we want to sell is in Oxford Street.

2.7. He is showing them the photos he took last week.

2.8. That is the red car John crashed into.

2.9. I told you about the young girl broke her hand.

2.10. These are John and Sheila live in the next house. 

2.11. The two men are going for a walk are from Exeter.

2.12. We have a cat, Pinkie, likes to sit by the fire. 

2.13. The boys played this afternoon are tired now.

2.14. The lorry you can see over there is my uncle's.

2.15. Give me the letter is in the cupboard.

2.16. Here is the parcel I have been waiting for.

2.17. The children are eating their lunch are in my class.

2.18. Tell us the story you told them yesterday.

2.19. He is meeting his friend, was ill.

2.20. I want to buy a car does more than 200 m.p.h. 

2.21. This is the boy is very good at reading. 

2.22. She likes the books are from the library.

2.23. The man works in the self-service restaurant is Susie's uncle.

2.24. I want to sell my old car I do not need any more.

2.25. The farmer, likes singing, is in the bathroom.

3. do, does, don't and doesn't.

Complete the sentences with the right form. Then check your answer.

3.1. Kate speaks some German, but she speak any French.

3.2. I drink whisky and gin, but I beer. 

My father smokes cigarettes, but he a pipe.

3.4. Vivien reads the newspaper every day, but she
the sports page.

3.5. The Browns want to spend their holidays in Spain, they
want to spend them in Germany.

Mr Busby talks a lot about his dog, but he talk about his fiancée.

3.7. I plan to go to the Costa Brava, I
plan to go to Margate.

3.8. Robert spends a lot of money on his car, but he
spend any money in the pubs.

3.9. Freddie trains every day, but he
train on Sundays.

3.10. Jimmie plays the piano every day, but he
play on sunny weekends.
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