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E -Stufe 13 - Übung Nr. 5


1. Test your vocabulary.
First repeat the words from the semantic field environment. Then play the Hangman Game.


Score :
Fails (6):

2. Reported speech. Report what people said, ordered or asked. Do not use that.

2.1. The teacher said: "The headmaster has just left the building."



2.2. Jayne asked Ian: "Who was on the phone?"



2.3. The little girl shouted: "I've lost my dog."



2.4. The employer asked his employee: "Why can't you come this Monday?"



2.5. John replied: "I won't buy this book."



2.6. Sharon answered: "I'm no longer interested in Joff's offer."



2.7. Paul said: "The detective will come again at 8."



2.8. Chris and Mike said: "Taxes will be reduced to lower production costs."



2.9. The politician told the conference: "The inflation rate is at a low level."



2.10. The doctor told his patient: "Don't smoke so much."



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