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E - Klasse 6 - Arbeit Nr. 5

Sleaford coat of arms

Sleaford coat of arms


1. Syntax. Make sentences.
(+ = positiver Aussagesatz; - = negativer Aussagesatz; +? = positiver Fragesatz; -? = negativer Fragesatz)

1.1. Oliver has found his purse.

-? :

- :

+? :

1.2. Tom hated helping in the kitchen.

- :

+? :

-? :

1.3. Jim didn't like hamburgers.

-? :

+ :

+? :


2. Letter writing. Read the following text very carefully. Then write an answer to this letter.

Dear Agatha,

I’m writing to you because I have a very big problem. I want you to help me. My best friend laughs at me because I like

Michael Jackson. I like his songs. I think they are great. I’ve never heard better songs. They are just fantastic.

Even my girlfriend says that I am crazy because she thinks that Michael Jackson is so stupid. In my opnion this is not true.

There is something else I want to tell you. I like going to school. But my friends say this is very unusual. They think I am


What can I do? What should I tell my friends?

Can you help me. please?

E. T. (12), Sleaford (England)

Now it's your go to write a sensible answer to E. T.'s letter.


3. much and many. Fill in.

3.1. - How meat do you want to buy?

- I don't know.

3.2. Last Saturday he got   things from the supermarket.

3.3. How sweets can you eat?

- I can eat lots.

3.4. Paul gets too money from his parents.

3.5. - I've got a new biro.

- You cannot do with it.

3.6. There are not cheap restaurants in town.

3.7. How is the ham?

3.8. He invites of his friends to his birthday party.

3.9. Don't tell them too .

3.10. He reads books.

4. Comparatives. Fill in the right form of the adjectives in brackets.

Jean: London is (big / interesting) town in Britain.

Jane: But New York is big and interesting, too. I think New York is (big) London. I think it's

even (big). New York is not (old) London, but our houses are

 (high) the houses here.

Jean: Your supermarkets are (expensive) our supermarkets.

Jane: I don't know.

Jean: London has got (nice) parks of the world.

Jane: Well, you're right. But we've got beautiful parks, too. Our Central Park is (big) the

 (big) park in London. And the Hudson and the East River are much

(dangerous) the Thames.

Jean: We've got (old) castles, and they are (attractive).

Jane: Well, we have the (good / fast) cars of the world.

Jean: Maybe you have (quick) cars. Bye now.

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