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E - Klasse 6 - Arbeit Nr. 8

Bridgend, South Wales

Bridgend, South Wales


1. Irregular verbs. Fill in the missing forms.

  infinitive past tense past participle German meaning
1.1. to choose
1.2. drunk
1.3. built
1.4. fed
1.5. sich fühlen
1.6. known
1.7. led
1.8. to fall
1.9. kept
1.10. verbringen, ausgeben
1.11. to take
1.12. spoke
1.13. schreiben
1.14. thrown
1.15 to teach
  infinitive past tense past participle German  meaning

2. Adjective or adverb? Write the complete sentences.

2.1. Aunt Marge is a quick reader. She reads .

2.2. Trundle is a slow eater. He eats .

2.3. Ben is a terrible dancer. .

2.4. Nick is a bad singer. .

2.5. My mum is a careful driver. .

2.6. But my dad is a dangerous driver. .

2.7. Don't worry. Be (happy) .

2.8. If' you're (sure) and you know it, clap your hands.

2.9. My husband and I lived (happy) for many years. Then we met.

2.10. How (happy) she laughs! On and on and on, a waterfall of sound.

2.11. We're going to be very (happy) . You love me and I love myself, too.

2.12. Then she married the king and they lived (happy) till they died.

3. Past tense and present perfect. Simple and continuous forms.

3.1.  The taxi (just / arrive) . It's standing outside.

3.2.  After her trip she (talk) of nothing else for weeks. Now she's already planning her next trip.

3.3. (travel / ? / ever / you) on a dreamliner?

3.4. My sister (buy) a moped; so she can go to school on it.

3.5. (travel / ? / ever) by Greyhound when you (be) in America?


4. Translation. Translate into good English. Mind the tenses.

4. 1. Es regnet jetzt schon seit Stunden. Ich hoffe, es wird sich morgen aufklären.



4. 2. Als Kind wurde ich immer autokrank; aber heute macht mir das nichts mehr aus.


5. Prepositions.

5.1. I was born a small village.

5.2. Cowboys work a farm.

5.3. Since 1973 we have been living 46 Oxford Street.

5.4. The restaurant is the top the tower.

5.5. Our flat is the fifth floor.

5.6. The shop is the left hand side.

5.7. He returned home the morning my birthday.

5.8. 1992 the Gulf War will hopefully be an end.

5.9. We arrived time the train.

5.10. He died the age forty.

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