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E - Klasse 5 - Arbeit Nr. 6

Hampton Court

Hampton Court


1. Simple present and present progressive. Mind the indicators.

1.1. Sue usually (drink) milk, but today she (have) a coke.

1.2. It (rain) again. It often (rain) here.

1.3. I can hear a piano. (Pat / practise) with his teacher?

1.4. - Sheila normally (not / paint) black and white pictures.

- But look, she (paint) a black and white one.

1.5. John sometimes (help) Mrs Double on  Saturday mornings.

1.6. - Where is Peter?

- He (ride) his bike. He  (always /ride) his bike between 5 and 6.

1.7. (you / know) why our dog (bark)?

2. Negative sentences. Write what people do not do, etc.

2.1. John lives in Chester.

2.2. Tim and Joff eat toast for breakfast.

2.3. The children have got the rabbit.

2.4. Charles is feeding the fish.

2.5. Sue can come in now.

2.6. The cat catches the bird.

2.7. I am sorry.

2.8. He understands a lot.

2.9. Am I strong?

2.10. Have the Camerons got a parrot?

3. Question tags. Complete.

3.1. It's a pity it's raining, ?


3.2. Your friend looks happy, ?


3.3. I'm not late, ?


3.4. You can get it at the grocer's, ?


 3.5. You like pineapples, ?


3.6. We can get there in an hour, ?

3.7. You don't like him much, ?

3.8. Your friends are lucky, ?

3.9. George is a fool, ?

3.10. You do take sugar in your tea, ?

4. Reading comprehension. Answer the questions below in complete sentences.

Who is Sally?

Sally is a very nice girl, and she’s eleven. Sally’s parents are Mr and Mrs Small. She has got a sister, but she hasn’t got a brother.


Her sister’s name is Sandra.Sandra is four. She is very small.

Sally has got a dog, too. His name is Goldfinger.

Sally’s parents are from Chester, and Sally is a pupil at Chester School for girls. She’s in class 5e.

4.1. How old is Sally?



4.2. Are Mr and Mrs Goldfinger Sally's parents?



4.3. Where does Sally live?



4.4. Does Sally go to Sleaford High School?



4.5 Does Sally go to 7g?


4.6. Who is Sandra?


5. Story writing.
Use the following words to write an interesting story with at least 75 words: weather, dog, lorry, hospital, party, friends, car, stairs

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