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E - Klasse 10 - Arbeit Nr. 7

a car crash

a car crash


1. Letter writing.
Formal and informal English.
Write a few lines to your friend and mention as well the letter you have got from Mr Alf Riston, a lawyer.
Tell from your point of view how things were.
Here is Mr Alf Riston's letter:

H. Banks 123 Duke Street
Hillcrest Samberton
Neath Road Wessex
Rowley April 23, 1990

Dear Sir,

I am writing on behalf of my client, Mr Charles Adams, who was involved in a recent collision with you. Mr Adams is seriously
contemplating taking action against you for dangerous driving, and for insult and threatened assault towards him. He would,
however, consider waiving any such action should you be prepared to accept responsibility for the collision, and to offer a
suitable apology for your subsequent behaviour towards him.

I shall await your reply, and any instructions you or your legal adviser may wish to make.

Yours faithfully,

Alf Riston


1. on behalf of - im Namen von
2. threatened assault - tätliche Bedrohung
3. to waive - aufgeben
4. subsequent – nachfolgend


2. Tenses. Rewrite the sentences below in the tenses indicated in brackets.

2.1. Joff offered her an orange. (simple future)
2.2. They are building a bridge. (simple past)
2.3. John was involved in a collision. (past perfect)
2.4. The Falls are having a meal at the pizzeria. (present perfect)
2.5. He solved the problem. (conditional II)
2.6. Jayne never reads books. (conditional I)
2.7. Sheila will swim across the Thames. (present perfect)
2.8. Pete was showing them the pics. (past perfect)
2.9. Marge and Roberta won't have been late again. (simple future)
2.10. Mike's brother had been shaking the tree. (conditional II)
2.11. Gordon's sister makes some sandwiches. (future in the past)
2.12. Ken spoke to the policewoman. (past perfect)
2.13. Silas only eats spaghetti and cheese. (simple past)
2.14. The summit took place in California. (conditional I)
2.15. Susan was watching the match. (present perfect)


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