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E - Klasse 7 - Arbeit Nr. 8

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan


1. Reading comprehension. Study the following text carefully before you go on to the assignments.

Three-year itch

Michael Jordan's need to play basketball again is stronger than his fear of *tarnishing his *legacy.

“When I retired last time, I didn't say I was ready to quit the game," Jordan said at a news conference attended by about 200 media members.
"It's an *itch that still needs to be *scratched here, and I don't want that itch to *bother me for the rest of my life.

"What I'm trying to do is get that last scratch in". Speaking in calm, measured tones on a stage set up at the Wizards' practice court, Jordan
touched on several subjects related to this *comeback -- the second of his career.

He said he is not afraid to fail and does not want to steal the *spotlight from the league's younger stars.
He also said he considers himself 100 percent fit and plans to play in all 82 of Washington's games.

As for his legacy and the *storybook finish to his career with the Chicago Bulls, Jordan said those factors were more important to other people
than to him.

"If that was my concern, I wouldn't do this. I'm not afraid to *take on a challenge", he said.
He said he will try to take things slowly this season, not trying to do too much too soon. He said the Wizards should improve on last season's record
of 19-63, but he'd be "surprised" if Washington was able to win 50 games.
(about 240 words)

Understand the above text with the help of your dictionary. Translate the following words into German. Mind the context.




to bother:  



to take on:  

Questions on the text. Tick the right answer.
1.1. Jordan speaks of his comeback

 in a very passionate way
 with boisterous words and phrases
 with measured tones

1.2. How many games does he plan to play?


1.3. Judging from last year results, Washington is

 a very strong team.
 a fierce competitor for the Nba title.
 a very poor team.

2. Adjective and adverb. Rewrite the sentences.

2.1. Patrick is a good football player. He plays football .
2.2. Joff is a careful driver. He always drives .
2.3. These children are happy. They mostly play .
2.4. Angie does not know the exact answers. She never answers .
2.5. The boys are always thirsty. Look! They're drinking their cokes .
2.6. John, you've always got the perfect ideas.  This idea sounds .
2.7. I know you are quick. But it is not good to eat that .
2.8. Jayne is so slow. She even does her homework .
2.9. Mr Fisher is never angry. But today he shouted at his class .
2.10. Sheila is a fantastic writer. She writes her stories .
2.11. Benjamin is always quiet. Now he is sitting in his study.
2.12. Lilly is always careful. Now she is carrying the expensive bottle of wine .
2.13. Take it easy, Betty. You can get a new job with your qualifications.
2.14. Maggie is a beautiful girl. She always dresses .
2.15. They are very polite. So they answered my questions .

3. The passive voice. Turn the following sentences into the passive voice. No agents with "by" are required in this exercise.

3.1. Someone stole my laptop.
3.2. People speak Portuguese in Brazil.
3.3. They say this might not be right.
3.4. They have not stamped my letters.
3.5. Somebody broke the windows last night.
3.6. We cannot repair your watch.
3.7. They took him for a Frenchman.
3.8. The populace speaks both French and English in Canada.
3.9. Someone has found my keys in the street.
3.10. You should take that pill twice a day.
3.11. They destroyed the top floor.
3.12. We had warned you.
3.13. They have sold the houses.
3.14. One finds mosquitoes everywhere.
3.15. Somebody should help her anyway.


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