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E - Klasse 5 - Übung Nr. 2


1. Spelling. Find the correct spelling. The -ing form of verbs.

2. More pronouns. Fill in the correct pronouns.

2.1.1. Diana has got a rubber. 's in schoolbag.

2.1.2. The boy is working in the garden. likes working in the garden.

2.1.3. Kevin and Sheila are 13. are twins.

2.1.4. Dave and Sally have got a cat. is cat.

2.1. 5. Jack and Jill kiss children when leave .

2.1.6. Jonathan hates dogs. panics when sees . But today are running away when

see .

2.1.7. The cats are are not in the cupboard are on the table.

2.1.8. The Quirks haven't got a house. 've got a flat. is very nice. And have a cat and a dog, Lucky. Kevin Quirk

and sister Karen have got a small rabbit. 

2.1.9. - Where's Dad? - 's in the garden.

2.1.10. - Is this Jayne's car? - Yes, is new car.

2.1.11. - Has Ian got a sister? - Yes, 's thirteen.

2.1.12. - Aren't the new pupil? - Yes, Mr. Gill, 'm new pupil. name is Peter.

2.1.13. - Have got a friend, Juliet?

- Yes, name is Pluto.

- Well, has got a funny name.

- And , have got a friend, too?

- No, but 've got two dogs. names are Romeo and Lear.

2.1.14. Anne has got a brother. But  has not got a sister.

2.1.15.  - Have the Whites got a balcony? - No, haven't.



2.2. Its, it's, you're, you are, they are, their, his, he's and my.  

2.2.1. The Blacks have got a terrible dog. very nosy.

2.2.2. Sarah Myers has got a brother.   name is Leo. in Anne's class.

2.2.3. Mr Hill: "Oh yes. This boy is in class. name is Jesse DustbinThe others aren't in class. in

Dr. Fisher's class. in class 4F."

2.2.4. Fred and Walt are in the same class.   in class 4F, too. English teacher is Mr Clipton. Biology teacher is

Miss Green.

2.2.5. The Woodsides have got a flat in Wales. very expensive. in Deganwy. has got a balcony and a garden.

like it very much. go there every summer. Can friends go there, too? Yes, often go together.

3. Negative statements. Rewrite the following sentences in the negative. Use the short forms where possible.

3.1. I like riding, but I    playing chess.

3.2. She's Brazilian, but her husband  .

3.3. We're from India, but our  friends  .

3.4. They're ten, but we  .

3.5. We speak Spanish, but Tom  .

3.6. I like tea, but Mom  .

3.7. You're from the USA, but Alain  .

3.8. I'm from NY, but Tim  .

3.9. She's in the kitchen, but I  .

3.10. You're English, but Jane and Tim  .

3.11. He knows Wales. She  .

3.12. I've got a rabbit, but I    any mice.

3.13. You often wash the car, but she  .

3.14. We play tennis, but they  .

3.15. She has got a toothache, but he  .

3.16. They're students, but we  .

3.17. I like films, but she  .

3.18.We often watch tv, but Tina  .

3.19. Joe is often late for school,  but I  .

3.20. We live in London, but they  .

3.21. I speak French, but I    German.

3.22. This cup's cheap, but that one  .

3.23. It's a Volvo. It    a Saab.

3.24. My uncles are nice. My aunts  .

3.25. I do my homework regularly, he  .

4. Short forms and long forms

4.1. I am from Austria.

4.2.She is Brazilian.

4.3. We are from Swansea.

4.4. They are ten years old.

4.5. He’s not a doctor.

4.6. It is in the cupboard.

4.7. You’re from the U.S.A.

4.8. I am not from Spain.

4.9. She’s in the kitchen.  

4.10. You are English.  

4.11. He’s Welsh.

4.12. I’ve got a rabbit.  

4.13. You’ve a new car.

4.14. He has got a headache.

4.15. She hasn’t got a stomach ache.

4.16. We’re students.

4.17. They are not students.

4.18. Who is your teacher?

4.19. My name’s Peter.

4.20. What’s your phone number?

4.21. New York isn’t in Europe.

4.22. They are Russian.

4.23. It is a VOLVO.

4.24. My uncle’s a milkman.

4.25. We’re talking with his aunt.  


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