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E -Stufe 11 - Arbeit Nr. 3

a coal mine in South Wales

a coal mine in South Wales


1. Précis writing

We reached a point where the path crossed a motor road under construction, and we could see that it ran through a cutting made in the side of a steep
hill. Men were working in the cutting, and there were more men far up the hillside above it. The bed of the cutting was full of huge boulders which were
to form the foundation of the road.
Over these boulders we picked our way with difficulty, jumping from one to the other like so many goats. In the middle of them I stopped to take a
photograph, while the others went on ahead.
[Suddenly I heard shouts, followed by a dull sound of an explosion from the hillside above me. Looking up, I found I was now alone in the cutting. The
smoke of a blasting charge floated out against the blue sky, and an enormous rock was bounding savagely down the hill.
I had no doubt where it was going to land. It was going to land on me. This opinion was clearly shared by the men who had released the boulder, as they
were gesticulating wildly two hundred yards above me. I made a prodigious leap from my rock to the next.
The galloping boulder bumped against the hillside, kicked up a cloud of dust, and slightly changed direction. It was still coming straight for me. There
was nothing to be done but to take cover if I could find any; otherwise the prospect before me was one of almost certain death. I glanced hastily around.
Just as I was resigning myself to inevitable disaster, I noticed a narrow opening between two rocks quite near me.
I reached this in time, wedged myself in and shut my eyes. With a tremendous thud the mass of rock struck the ground and came to rest a few feet away
from me.] It hardly splintered at all, and none of the splinters came my way. It was indeed a miraculous escape.

Describe in not more than 80 words what happened from the moment the writer heard the sound of the explosion until the mass of rock came to rest.

Use your own words as far as possible. Do not include anything that is not in the passage.

2. Tenses

Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense.


A barber was in his shop. He (cut) a man's hair when a young stranger (come) in. He had a small boy with him. They


(sit) down together and (wait) till the barber had finished. Then the young man (tell) the barber to shave


him and to cut the small boy's hair. "Shave me first," he (say) , "and then I'll go down the road and have a glass of wine while the boy's


hair (cut) ."


"All right, but I won't be long," the barber (warn) him.


The young man (go) out and the barber (begin) to cut the boy's hair.


As he had said, he soon finished, and then the boy (sit) down and (wait) . At the end of half an hour the young man had not


come back and the boy (still wait) .


The barber (say) to the boy, "I wonder why your daddy (take) such a long time. Where can he be?"


"I can't guess," (answer) the small boy. "And that man isn't my daddy. I've never seen him before in my life. I (play)


in the street this morning when he (come) up to me and (ask) me whether I would like to have my hair cut without having


to pay anything."

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