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E - Klasse 8 - Übung Nr. 8


1. since and for. Fill in either since or for before you check your answer.

1.1. Harry has been away from home Monday night.

1.2. The kids have been alone
four days.

1.3. Christine hasn't played golf 
since last summer.

1.4. We haven't been to the Falklands 1968.

1.5. Tim's penfriend hasn't written
since December.

1.6. I haven't watched a football match a long time.

1.7. We haven't had a letter from her
more than a week.

1.8. Joff has been here

1.9. Sheila hasn't been to London
more than four years.

1.10. Haven't we had bad weather
you came over ?

1.11. She hasn't eaten any icecream Christmas.

1.12. I've been in England now 22nd February.

1.13. My dad hasn't earned any money last August.

1.14. John hasn't had any pocket-money
his birthday.

1.15. Carla has been waiting for her friends

2. Question words. Fill in the correct interrogatives.

Tom : This is really too bad. 's my suitcase? I can't find it.

are you shouting, Tom???

Tom : I can't find my new suitcase.
has got it?  Have you?

Ruth: No I haven't.
did you see it last??

Tom : I really don't know.

Ruth: colour is it?

Tom : It's brown.

Ted : And
suitcase is this here???

Tom : That's my suitcase. Thanks a lot.

Ted : OK. Can we go now???

3. Questions with do and does. Write the positive questions with do or does before checking your answer.


Yes, the air hostess speaks English and French.


Yes, Mr Spencer often stays at expensive hotels.


Yes, the Scots spend the least money.


No, the Irish don't drink the least.


Yes, Rob often overtakes other cars.


No, Gina doesn't want to have lunch in Broughton.


No, Jerry does not eat ice-cream every day.


Yes, Tina gives the policeman her driving-licence.


No, Mr Bond doesn't go to Spain.


Yes, Mrs Bond plays golf in the afternoon.

4. Questions. The parts  you've got to ask questions with are underlined.

4.1. Torsten is Tony's German penpal.

Harry is waiting on platform 9 3/4.

The boat-train to Harwich leaves at 8 o'clock.

Toby can't find his ticket.

Joff's wallet is brown.

4.6. Harwich is
on the coast.


Tony is waiting because the train is late.

Thirty boys and girls from Sleaford are coming.

5. The passive voice. Transform the active sentences into the passive voice.

5.1. The ladies will sell them tomatoes.

5.2. The butler could not fetch the newspaper.

5.3. Juliet was cooking dinner.

5.4. The gardener was watering the roses.

5.5. Carol had taken the dog for a walk.

5.6. The boys are cleaning those bikes.

5.7. The gentleman met Barbara at the station.

5.8. He can't sell your house.

5.9. Her parents will pay the bill.

5.10. His friends took the photos.

5.11. The teacher is explaining a difficult problem.

5.12. James visited Susan.

5.13. A thief has stolen my uncle's watch.

5.14. The Quirks have painted the new house.

5.15. The secretary has just posted the letters.

6. since and for. Fill in either 'since' or 'for' before you check your answer.

6.1. It has been raining Monday.

6.2. You haven't cleaned your shoes last summer.

6.3. They haven't been to Switzerland
over a year.

6.4. Tim hasn't had chicken and rice
a long time.

6.5. Ian has had his girlfriend
five years now.

6.6. I've been in his class Christmas.

6.7. The Quirks have lived in their house
over a year.

6.8. Derek has started running again

6.9. Harry has had that tv set
two months.

6.10. That child has been crying

6.11. I have been marking papers
three hours.

6.12. Sheila has been cleaning windows
nine o'clock.

6.13. This window has been open

6.14. The stranger has been sleeping in our garden

6.15. Sue hasn't had anything to eat
two days.
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