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E - Klasse 8 - Arbeit Nr. 7

Aberystwyth, Wales

Aberystwyth, Wales


1. Reported speech. Start your sentences with an introductory verb in the past.

1.1. She was tired.


1.2. I like dogs.

1.3. They worked in a bank.


1.4. We had lived in a small village.


1.5. My parents are ill.


1.6. My boss owned a yacht.


1.7. I couldn't swim.


1.8. I thought I could come.


1.9. I have written to my mother.


1.10. I am going to buy a new car.


1.11. I bought most of my groceries in the supermarket.


1.12. My brother looks very amused.


1.14. I have had to work very hard.


1.13. It is nice to be home again.


1.15. I always try to be on time.



2. Question tags. Complete the following sentences.

2.1. Your cousin missed her train, ?

2.2. Nothing can be done, ?

2.3. That will be all right, ?

2.4. James said he knows the book, ?


2.5. Let's try to find Jack, ?

2.6. The police were quite sure, ?

2.7. The poor thing needs warmth and food, ?

2.8. The tigress bit her mate's tail, ?

2.9. It'll take a long time to put right, ?

2.10. We could get there in an hour, ?

2.11. You had a headache yesterday, ?

2.12. You used to read detective stories, ?

3. Relative pronouns. Use who or that or contact clause. What about the commas?

3.1. London is the city most tourists go to in summer.

3.2. Most tourists visit London only see a small part.

3.3. Hyde Park is a place you should go to when you are in London.

3.4. London has many interesting places attract tourists.

3.5. Many people live in the East End of London would like to move.

3.6. In West End all the nice houses you can rent are too expensive.

3.7. The Great Fire burned for four days destroyed nearly whole City.

3.8. Christopher Wren was the man rebuilt the City of London.

3.9. Here is the information I've got from the travel agency.

3.10. Look at all the pictures I have taken in London.

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