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E -Stufe 11 - Arbeit Nr. 2

an American school

inside an American school


Two policemen are on patrol in the street near the main entrance. It has become their daily routine. Nobody is taking any notice of them, not
even the drug dealers who are quite openly selling marijuana, cocaine and heroin to students. In the once elegant main hall paint is falling off
the walls and windows are broken. Classroom doors that have not been protected by metal covers have been kicked by vandals. You're inside
Thomas Jefferson Senior High School in Brooklyn, New York. And you run great risks. It is one of the schools in dilapidated areas where crime
and student violence have grown sky-high. History teacher Sellinger, who wears a bullet proof vest, admits that survival techniques are necessary.
He continues: "We take the elevator rather than the stairs. The girls go to the toilet only in pairs, for safety." At another High School in Queens the
school's safety director Gallati adds: "It is safer in the streets than in the hallways. Even the girls are carrying knives."
New Yorkers call the schools 'the blackboard jungle'. Last year more than 160,000 violations were reported in New York. They included robberies,
rapes, stabbings and shootings. Says Education Board spokesman Bob Terte: "You can't judge what is happening in schools without taking into
account what has happened to other aspects of urban life. Kids carry weapons because they can buy them at any street corner. Some of them are
thugs - others carry weapons to defend themselves against other students or goons in the streets around their schools. Students in these areas are
often children of poverty who have tremendous problems at home." In the blackboard jungle, most of the students are either black or of Hispanic
Despite the alarming reports of the low standard of education all over the U.S., President Reagan has recently cut down Federal Funds for the budget
of public schools by 50 percent. Spokesman Terte commented on this: "It's a shame. We have a society that in many ways cares more about things
than human beings."

(about 350 words)

(text of unknown origin)


1. Vocabulary

Explain the following phrases in your own words.
Do not reuse the underlined words nor their stems in your paraphrase.
Your paraphrase must fit into the sentence.
1.1. ...where crime and student violence have grown sky-high.
1.2. ...call the schools 'the blackboard jungle'.

2. Tasks and questions on the text. Do not copy from the text. Use your own vocabulary as far as possible.

2.1. Find an appropriate heading for this text.
2.2. Divide the text into sense units.
2.3. Say in one sentence what the text is about.
2.4. What measures are taken for the protection of students and teachers by authorities or by themselves?
2.5. What is the main explanation of the education authorities for the growing violence in certain New York schools?

3. Composition

Do you agree with Mr Terte that our materialistic society is to be blamed for the students' violence?
Write about 180 to 200 words. Do not copy the text, neither arguments nor phrases.

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