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E - Klasse 9 - Arbeit Nr. 6

the Irish flag

the Irish flag


1. Reading comprehension. After carefully reading the text at least twice, answer the questions on the text in complete sentences.

A Letter from I R E L A N D

Hello again,

from Barbara, Kevin, Brian and myself I send you best wishes and greetings.

I hope you all had a good year 1992. For me it was very interesting. I had several groups who walked with me for some days and I also held day-walks on three days
each week. But overall the number of tourists was down on the previous year. Early in the season I saw that there were fewer tourists in Connemera. So I offered
day-walks only three days a week. The other four days were then available for other work. And this other work was research. I made contact with a tourism group
in east Mayo who wanted to offer walking holidays in their area. I made new maps and drew seven different walking routes for them.
They are now producing brochures for the walking routes for this year, using all my maps and my descriptions of the walks. I am also working on a second project for
them - researching the history of a small village called Cultrasna. I have found information going back to 1634 and I am quite excited about the success of this project.
This work was great fun and, I am glad to say, it paid a lot of bills.

My work with tourists was also great fun last summer. Every week a chartered plane flew from western France to Shannon and a bus brought the French people
directly to Cleggan. They stayed in B&Bs in the area and had different activities on offer every day - walking, nature/heritage tours, cycling, horse riding, fishing,
etc. A lot of them walked with me (Barbara did some walks as well) and we met some good people.

A great success last summer was a week's walking holiday on the islands which I organised for an American family. We spent three nights on Bofin and two nights on
Turk. This gave us plenty of time to see the many treasures on offer, including spectacular cliffs and the ruined castle on Bofin. These were highlights for my
American friends - apart, that is, from the Guinness!

Brian is old enough now to leave with a baby-sitter, so Barbara and I have begun playing music again. We played several times with good friends of ours. It is great to
be playing again.

Until next time, best regards to you all

Seamus O’Leary


(about 405 words)

from: The Beacon, 1/1993


1.1. Where and when is the letter written? (20 words)


1.2. What did Seamus do in the year that is just over? (30 words)


1.3. Which is the second project Seamus is working on? (20 words)


1.4. Compare the life Seamus has with the one of the Stewarts. Say what it makes so different. (50 words)



2. Pronouns. Fill in the right possessive determiner or possessive pronoun or reflexive pronoun.

2.1. - Can I take (sein) car?

- No, take (ihres) .

2.2. The dancers were watching (sich) in a mirror.

2.3. Did you talk to Sylvia or was Fred on the phone?

2.4. I've got (eine eigene Wohnung) .

2.5. Tom is a good friend of .

2.6. We enjoyed very much yesterday.

2.7. Juliet really only thinks of .

3. Participle constructions. Use participle constructions if possible.

3.1. John wrote a letter to a language school in which he asked for information about summer courses.


3.2. After he had lived in Florida for twenty months, Brian thought it would be nice to move to California.


3.3. Although the pupils had been warned of the possibility of violence, they had not been prepared for any trouble.


3.4. All chemicals are safer when they are kept in a locked cupboard. Make sure that all the students are standing far


away from the cupboard before you start your next experiment.


3.5. The coat which was found on the bus belongs to Dennis.


3.6. If she is asked what she felt about the disaster, the Prime Minister expressed her concern.


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