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E - Abitur - Übung Nr. 4


1. Test your vocabulary.
First repeat the words from the semantic field medicine. Then play the Hangman Game.


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2. Participles. Make one sentence out of two. Use either a present participle or a past participle.

2.1. Make one sentence out of two. Use an -ing form.

2.2. Ken walked past the shop. He heard her cry.

2.3. Dean was lying the grass. He was listening to the radio.

2.4. He came home. He had a headache.

2.5. Those boys live in the slums. They are filthy.

2.6. Ted saw John. John was crossing the street.

2.7. The teacher was sitting in the hall. He was talking to a student.

2.8. The manager came to the hotel. He was feeling tired.

2.9. Do you know this nice girl? She is wearing a red blouse.

2.10. The house was destroyed by a fire last year. It has been rebuilt.

2.11. Tim heard the phone ring. He got up to answer it.

2.12. We saw the pop singer. She was walking to a bar.

2.13. The reporters were talking to Rod Stewart. They asked him many questions.

2.14. I know this teacher. He is planning the exchange visit.

2.15. What happened to those lads. The ones that were arrested last night.

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