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E - Klasse 6 - Arbeit Nr. 1

Llandudno with the Great Orme

Llandudno with the Great Orme


1. Questions. Ask questions. The parts you have got to use are underlined.

1.1. Tom offers me a drink.



1.2. That green car is five years old.



1.3. She could not do her homework because she was sick.



1.4. Sheila broke the glass.



1.5. The clerk came into the room at midnight.




2. Syntax. Make sentences.
(+ = positiver Aussagesatz; - = negativer Aussagesatz; +? = positiver Fragesatz; -? = negativer Fragesatz)

2.1. Jerry likes playing the computer.

- :



2.2. I am very clever.


- :


2.3. They haven't got a new car.


+ :


2.4. Her parents went to London.


- :


2.5. She did her homework properly.




2.6. Mike bought a nice cardigan.


- :


2.7. He's reading a comic.



- :

3. Word order. Make meaningful sentences by using the correct word order.

3.1. all day / works / Alice's mother/ in a shop / .


3.2. She / on Saturday / in the evening / arrived / at eight o'clock / .


3.3. lost / "he loses" / is / the past tense form of / ?


3.4. some / can / coffee / please /, / or / have / I / tea / coffee / ?


3.5. not / I / do / exercise / understand / this / .




4. Reading comprehension. After carefully reading the text below answer the questions in complete sentences.

Once upon a time there were three bears who lived in a little house in a wood. Father Bear was a very big bear.

Mother Bear was not that big. Baby Bear was just a tiny, little bear.

One morning, Mother Bear cooked some porridge for breakfast. She put it into three bowls. There was a very big

bowl for Father Bear, a medium-sized bowl for Mother Bear and a tiny, little bowl for Baby Bear. The porridge

was rather hot, so the three bears went for a walk in the wood while it cooled.

Now at the edge of the wood in another little house, there lived a little girl. Her hair was so long that she could sit

on it. She was called Goldilocks.

On that very same morning, before breakfast, Goldilocks went for a walk in the wood.

Soon Goldilocks came to the little house where the three bears lived. The door was open and she peeped inside.

No-one was there, so she walked in. Goldilocks saw the three bowls of porridge and the three spoons on the

table. The porridge smelt good, and Goldilocks was hungry because she had not had her breakfast. Goldilocks

picked up the very big spoon and tasted the porridge in the very big bowl. It was too hot! Then she picked up

the medium-sized spoon and tasted the porridge in the medium-sized bowl. It was lumpy! Then she picked up

the tiny little spoon and tasted the porridge in the tiny, little bowl. It was just right. Soon she had eaten it all up.

Then Goldilocks saw three chairs; a very big chair, medium-sized chair and a tiny, little chair. She sat in the


very big chair. It was too high. She sat in the medium-sized chair. It was too hard. Then she sat in the tiny, little


chair. It was just right. But was the tiny, little chair just right? No! Goldilocks was rather too heavy for it.


The seat began to crack and then it broke. Oh dear!

Goldilocks had broken the tiny, little chair and she was so sorry.

Next Goldilocks went into the bedroom. There she saw three beds. She felt tired and thought she would like to

sleep. So Goldilocks climbed up onto the very big bed. It was too hard. Then she climbed up onto the medium

-sized bed. It was too soft. Then Goldilocks lay down on the tiny, little bed. It was just right. Soon she was fast


(416 words)

4.1. Where did the three bears live?


4.2. What did Mother Bear do one morning?


4.3. Why did the three bears go for a walk?


4.4. Where did Goldilocks live?


4.5. What does the text say about her hair?


4.6. What did Goldilocks do before breakfast?


4.7. Where did she pass by on that very morning?


4.8. What did she see when she peeped inside the house?


4.9. Why was Goldilocks hungry?


4.10. What did Goldilocks do when she had eaten up the porridge?


4.11. Why did the tiny seat begin to crack?


4.12. Was Goldilocks sorry?


4.13. Where did Goldilocks go next?


4.14. Why did Goldilocks not sleep in the very big bed?


4.15. Did she lie down to sleep on the medium-sized bed?


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