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E -Stufe 11 - Übung Nr. 4


1. Reported speech. Put the following sentences into the indirect speech. Mind the tenses. Begin your sentences with "He said ...".

1.1. Kate is fond of singing Irish folk songs.



1.2. She likes playing the guitar.



1.3. I prefer ringing my friends up.



1.4. He enjoyed climbing in the Welsh mountains.



1.5. The weather was likely to stay fine.



1.6. She happened to meet some old friends of hers at the party.



1.7. You'll have a great time.



1.8. He has just left the office.



1.9. They will be in real danger.



1.10. I haven't seen Mr Digger yet.



1.11. You'll spoil your eyes.



1.12. A paper provides all the news in detail.



1.13. TV only gives you the main points.



1.14. We switched on the TV late news.



1.15. She's leaving for Scotland tomorrow.


2. Prepositions of place. Check after filling in the correct prepositions.

2.1. Turn right the first set of traffic lights.

2.2 London is   the river Thames.

2.3. Tom met Sue the street.

2.4. What can you see this picture?

2.5. You will find this passage page 22.

2.6. We'd better take a taxi the airport.

2.7. Who is the phone, Patrick?

2.8. Tina lives a small house.

2.9. I've just put the towels the suitcase.

2.10. They were waiting the bus-stop for over an hour.

2.11. The Myers are leaving Chester in an hour.

2.12. Look, Peter. We're flying the Alps.

2.13. Tim is sitting his brother Joff.

2.14. Listen. Somebody is knocking the door.

2.15. The carpenter fell a ladder.

2.16. This computer is the United States.

2.17. Our seats are the fifth row.

2.18. Robin is bed because he is ill.

2.19. He was his way China when the accident happened.

2.20. - Tim, do you remember Simone? - Of course, she's an old friend school.

3. The passive voice. Put these sentences into Passive Voice. Write them down before controlling your answer.

3.1. Columbus opened the way to the "New World".

3.2. A civil rights activist will receive a medal of honour.

3.3. The UN has started a fund to help the rain forest.

3.4. The board will deal with all complaints.

3.5.That new film shows the Indians as savages.

3.6. The government is stressing the importance of that discovery.

3.7. They had found her dead in the forest.

3.8. Some indigenous people offered the colonists food.

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