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E - Klasse 8 - Übung Nr. 10


1. Adjective and adverb. Fill in the adjectives in brackets using either the comparative or superlative forms.

1.1. Is London than New York? (large)


1.2. Was the second offer than the first? (favourable)



1.3. Are normal flights than charter flights? (expensive)



1.4. workers of the manufacturing plant worked short-time in January. (many)



1.5. Is this your quality? (good)



1.6. My brother studies economics. (old)



1.7. Herewith we send you our catalogue. (last/latest)



1.8. These have been the results since April. (good)



1.9. The exchange rate of the pound is now than last week. (bad)



1.10. The World Trade Center was than the Empire State Building. (tall)



1.11. The sky-scraper is in Chicago. (tall)


2. Adjective and adverb again. Transform the adjective into the adverb in line with the given pattern:
Pattern: The train arrived (punctual). The train arrived punctually.

2.1. She writes (careful).





2.2. He is running (slow).







2.3. He answered the question (prompt).







2.4. He has learnt the words (quick).







2.5. He will (certain) come.






2.6. She did it quite (nice).







2.7. He can speak English (good).







2.8. He has spelt the word (correct).







2.9. You must speak more (distinct).







2.10. They welcomed us (cordial).




3. Relative clauses. Make one sentence by joining the two sentences by means of a relative pronoun. Don't use that. Choose the contact clause option wherever possible.

3.1. Tim sees Joff. Joff is crossing the road.

3.2. We saw a good film. The film was made about the opening of the Chunnel.

3.3.  BBC1 will soon show a film. I've already seen that film.

3.4. The film is about the opening of the Chunnel. My uncle made this film.

3.5. The young man claims to have seen the robbers. He was interviewed by our correspondant.

3.6. Faith was injured in the accident on the M25. Her mother is my aunt.

3.7. Peter overtook a cyclist. He recognized him as his French teacher.

3.8. Here are all the books. I read them when I was in Chester.

3.9. The teacher is in the headmaster's office. We have been waiting for him for more  than 25 minutes.

3.10. The lady is from Swansea. You were talking to the lady.

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