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E - Klasse 6 - Übung Nr. 3


1. Tenses

Simple present or simple past? Copy the sentences before you check your answer.

1.1. Last month Timothy to Durham. (go)

1.2. Our plane at five. (leave)

1.3. Jeff born in London in 1978. (be)

1.4. I Douglas and I in Slough. (be / live)

1.5. Susie's budgie dead. Yesterday she another bird. (be / buy)

1.6. Last Sunday I at 5 in the morning and the football match on tv. (get up / watch)

1.7. He always to work at 10 o'clock. (go)

2. Adjective and adverb. Complete the following sentences.

2.1. One evening things changed   (quick).
2.2. He was (extreme, fat).

2.3. The girl looked (good).

2.4. The cake Tom offered her tasted (particular, good).

.5. The flowers in the vase smelt (extraordinary, sweet).

2.6. They laughed (happy).

2.7. Tina's sister went (quick) than he wanted to go.

.8. She welcomed him (friendly).

2.9. When he began to read he read (very, fast).

2.10. They never seemed   (sad).

2.11. Sheila walked home (sad).

.12. They entered the bathroom (mechanical).
2.13. She is (serious) ill.

2.14. The dog looked (angry) at the postman.


2.15. Greta is always (remarkable, good) dressed.


2.16. It's a (small) car, but it's (very, safe)


2.17. It all sounded so (crazy) that I began to laugh.


2.18. The clerk was (real, friendly).


2.19. The clerk spoke to me (friendly).


2.20. This game is (easy).


2.21. You can (easy) play this computer game.


2.22. Don't eat your food (so, hasty).


2.23. The student was (total, unable) to answer it.


2.24. She seemed (deep, shocked) about his accident.


2.25. He is (awful, tired) because he had an (extreme, exhausting) day at work.


3. Interrogatives. Fill in the correct interrogatives.

Tom : This is really too bad. 's my suitcase? I can't find it.

Ruth: are you shouting, Tom?

Tom : I can't find my new suitcase. has got it ? Have you?

Ruth: No I haven't. did you see it last?

Tom : I really don't know.
colour is it?

Tom : It's brown.
Ted : And
suitcase is this here?

Tom : That's my suitcase. Thanks a lot.

Ted : OK. Can we go now ?

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