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E - Klasse 9 - Übung Nr. 5


1. If- clauses. Find out whether the sentences are right or wrong. Click on 'correct' or 'incorrect'.
Attention: You have got 45 seconds to do this exercise!

1.1. If he helps me clean my bike, I will translate the letter for him.

1.2. If her birthday would be in May, we would have celebrated it together.

1.3. They would have gone skiing over Christmas if they have enough free time.

1.4. I would give you the car if I found the keys.

1.5. If you see your parents, tell them to come to my Christmas party.

1.6. Had I known, I'd never have borrowed so much money from this loan shark.

1.7. If Sheila sold her cardigan, she would have had to buy a new one.

1.8. Had she worked harder, she would have passed her exams.

9. If he watched TV tonight, he won't have been able to play tennis tomorrow.

1.10. If James had four days off work at Easter, we would fly to Cyprus.

2. Emphasizing words. Emphasize the underlined parts of the following sentences. Use a form of "do".
Copy the sentences before you check your answer.

2.1.  I'm really pleased that you decided to come to Australia, Olivia. I'm sure you made the right decision.

2.2. We
enjoyed the time we spent on your farm, Sarah.

2.3. I
hope you'll come and visit us soon in Broughton, Sheila.

2.4. Olivia
enjoys her new school, especially now that she has made a lot of friends.

2.5. I
like my job. The work is so interesting.

2.6.  The Myers? They
hate getting up early on Sundays.

2.7. We
disliked school on Saturday.

2.8. Malvern
bought a new computer.

2.9. The class
did their homework.

2.10. This lousy teacher
made us do a test.

2.11. The fat guru
forced them to say a prayer.

Look at me.

2.13. It
creates a wonderful feeling of euphoria.

2.14. “
Make yourself at home.”

2.15. “I
need a holiday.” - “No, we need to buy a new washing machine.”

3. Gerund and infinitive. Click the answer button to see the correct answer.

3.1. is good for your health.

a. Walk
b. To walk
c. Walking
d. To walking


3.2. There is no that one and one make two.

a. deny
b. to deny
c. denying
d. to denying


3.3. Our neighbours boasted of been to Australia last year.

a. of having
b. of have
c. having
d. of had


3.4. English is fun.

a. Speak
b. To speak
c. Speaking
d. To speaking


3.5. David would like football instead of squash.
a. play
b. to play
c. playing
d. to playing


3.6. Mr Hall is going her out of the Porsche.
a. lift
b. to lift
c. lifting
d. to lifting


3.7. She was proud her aims.
a. to attain
b. of having attained
c. to attaing
d. to having attained


3.8. How about a drink?
a. have
b. to have
c. having
d. to having


3.9. The boy was told at the policemen.
a. not laugh
b. to not laugh
c. not laughing
d. not to laugh


3.10. We are trying the radio. But we are not successful so.

a. to repair - to do
b. to repairing - in do
c. in repairing - to do
d. to repair - in doing


4. Mixed tenses.

4.1. He (live) here for several months now.

4.2. She
(live) here for several months.  

4.3. Scotland (be) the most thinly populated country in the UK.  

4.4. Brenda
(come / not) to Alvin’s  birthday party yesterday.  

4.5. The boys (do / just) the shopping for their grandfather.  

4.6. What
(the world / be) like in the year 2525?  

4.7. Last year Derek and Anne (want) to go to the Orkneys. When the

(discuss) every detail for their tour, the two (start) the trip. The weather

(be) great in the first few days of their trip. But then it (change).  

4.8. Joff (repair) his bike at the moment. His brother (help) him.  

4.9. When Tim (open) the living room door, his brother (do) his homework

on the floor.   4.10. Bertie, (you / put) all the suitcases in the car?

4.11. After I (see) the film on tv, I (decide) to buy the book.  

4.12. The sun (rise / always) in the east.  

4.13. Look, there (be) a lot of clouds. It (rain) soon.  

4.14. All my friends (give up) smoking.  

4.15. When Mr and Mrs Quirk (come back) from the party last night, their children

(sleep / not). They (watch)  tv.
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