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E - Klasse 5 - Übung Nr. 7


1. Spot the words. Find the 31 things you can wear. In the table there are only 30 nouns.


2. Question tags. Read the answers carefully. Then check to find out if you are right. Don't cheat.

2.1. Mary has got a lamb, ?

2.2. George doesn't have a bike, ?

2.3. Georgina likes flowers, ?

2.4. He's eating like a wolf, ?

2.5. Tom hates girls, ?

2.6. She can't come to the party, ?

2.7. They don't speak Chinese, ?

2.8. Moira is preparing a cooked breakfast, ?

2.9. Her sister doesn't eat eggs, ?

2.10. She's eating a pizza at the moment, ?

2.11. The Millers have got a house, ?

2.12. Zora has not got a dog, ?

2.13. Judy and Maggie are nosy, ?

2.14. Kevin is from London, ?

2.15. Tom's friends are not lively, ?

3. Negation. Complete the following sentences with do, does, don't  or doesn’t.

3.1. Kate speaks some German, but she speak any French.

3.2. I drink whisky and gin, but I drink beer.

3.3. My father smokes cigarettes, but he smoke a pipe.

3.4. Vivien reads the newspaper every day, but she read the sports page.

3.5. The Browns want to spend their holidays in Spain, they want to go to Germany.

3.6. Mr Busby talks a lot about his dog, but  he talk about his fiancée.

3.7. I plan to go to the Costa Brava, I plan to go to Margate.

3.8. Robert spends a lot of money on his car, but he spend any money in the pubs.

3.9. Freddie trains every day, but he train on Sundays.

3.10. Jimmie plays the piano every day, but he play on sunny weekends.

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