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E - Klasse 6 - Arbeit Nr. 4

Inverness Castle and River Ness

Inverness Castle and River Ness


1. Personal questions. Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1.1. Which are your favourite sports? Name 5 at least.


1.2. Which sport do you think is the most dangerous?


1.3. Is soccer a sport for girls?


1.4. You are in London. Where do you go to see a tennis match?


1.5. What do you think about fishing?


1.6. Where were your parents last night?


1.7. What happened in the film your friend saw last night?


1.8. Whose songs do you like best?


1.9. How many students are there in your class?


1.10. When did you last read a book on animals?



2. The past tense. Write the sentences below in the past tense.

2.1. I am in London.


2.2. She helps e in the kitchen.


2.3. They stay in Ireland.


2.4. We can speak English.


2.5. They tease their sisters.


2.6. You are silly.


2.7. We have a new bike.


2.8. Richie loves ice-cream.


2.9.Jim doesn't like cycling.


2.10. His parents can come.


3. The simple present and the present perfect. Supply the correct tense.

3.1. My brother (play) in a band last year.

3.2. Yesterday afternoon a tiger (escape) from Brighton Zoo. The animal (walk) into the pedestrian

precinct, where there (be) hundreds of easter shoppers. Children (start) crying and people

(try) to hide in shops and snack bars. The police were called and after two hours they finally (catch)

the animal in front of a butcher's shop. It was taken back to the zoo at once.

3.3. Mr Dean can't get into the house. He (lose) his keys.

3.4. - Where's Meg?

- She (not / come) yet. We're still waiting for her.

3.5. I (read) your book. You can have it back now.

3.6. I (read) your book last weekend.

3.7. How long (have / you) your computer?

3.8. When (buy) your new computer?

3.9. - Where are Paul and Simon?

- They are at the youth club. They (be) there for four hours.

- So they (be) there since six o'clock.

- You're right.

3.10. - (try / you / ever) any Greek food?

- No, I .

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