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E -Stufe 11 - Übung Nr. 5


1. Gerund and infinitive. Read the German sentences first. Find the correct translation. Then tick the result button to find out whether your answer is right or wrong.

1.1. Vergessen Sie nicht, meinen Brief auf die Post zu bringen, Aaron.

Remember posting my letter, Aaron.
Remember to post my letter, Aaron.


1.2. Seine Eltern hörten mit dem Rauchen auf.

His parents stopped smoking.
His parents stopped to smoke.


1.3. Ich freue mich darauf, dich in Swansea zu treffen.

I'm looking forward to meet you in Swansea.
I'm looking forward to meeting you in Swansea.


1.4. Er versuchte das Fenster zu öffnen.

He tried to open the window.
He tried opening the window.


1.5. Lassen Sie uns mal probieren, das Fenster mit einem Spezialtuch zu reinigen.

Let's try cleaning the window with a special cloth.
Let's try to clean the window with a special cloth.


1.6. Ich lese überhaupt gerne Comics.

I like reading comics.
I like to read a comic.


1.7. Ich bedauere, sagen zu müssen, dass er Recht hat.

I regret saying that he is right.
I regret to say that he is right.


1.8. Nach dem großen Bierkonsum gestern abend hasse ich es, heute morgen früh aufzustehen.

After the many beers last night I hate getting up early this morning
After the many beers last night I hate to get up early this morning.


1.9. Erinnerst du dich daran, den Einbrecher vor demWolkenkratzer gesehen zu haben?

Do you remember seeing the burglar in front of the the skyscraper?
Do you remember to see the burglar in front of the the skyscraper?


1.10. Wir machten eine Pause, um Briefmarken zu kaufen.

We stopped to buy some stamps.
We stopped buying some stamps.

2. Reported speech.

By-election held in Lewisham. Yesterday afternoon two SDP activists, Shirley MacCabbage and Maggie Ironmouth, did some canvassing in Syringe Way. They went from house to house, knocking on everybody's door and trying to persuade them to vote for the SDP candidate.

You put the voters' comments into reported speech. Begin like this:
Mr Anderson told them that ........

This is what the two ladies heard from the voters:

2.1. Mrs Anderson: I always vote Labour.

2.2. Mrs Double: I am not at all interested in politics.

2.3. Mr Red: I have never voted Labour.

2.4. Mrs Red: I'm definitively voting Liberal this time.

2.5. Mr Mill: I'm considering voting for the Communists this time.

2.6. Mr Black: Your party has never helped the working class.

2.7. Mr Green: I've just joined the Communist Party.

2.8. Mr Fuzz: I've voted Labour since 1945.
2.9. Mr Left: I want to ask you some questions on your policies.

2.10. Mr Wing: I've been thinking about voting for your party this time.

2.11. Mrs Davies: I voted for Labour at the last election.

2.12. Mr Lawson: Is there  going to be an election?

2.13. Mr Bader: Can I have a leaflet?

2.14. Mrs Pity: I read your leaflet.

2.15. Mr Pym: This time I don't agree with your policies.

2.16. Mr Anderson: I knew your candidate's grandmother.

2.17. Mr Townsend: My wife and I are going to vote Labour.

2.18. Mrs Myers: The Conservative candidate won't win.

2.19. Mr Hitchcock: I'll vote for your candidate.

2.20. Mr Cock: I'm sure your candidate will be elected.

2.21. Mrs Goldilocks: Who's your candidate?


3. The passive voice. Put these sentences into Passive Voice. Write them down before controlling your answer.

3.1. Columbus opened the way to the "New World".

3.2. A civil rights activist will receive a medal of honour.

3.3. The U. N. has started a fund to help the rain forest.

3.4. The board will deal with all complaints.

3.5.That new film shows the Indians as savages.

3.6. The government is stressing the importance of that discovery.

3.7. They had found her dead in the forest.

3.8. Some indigenous people offered the colonist food.

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