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E -Stufe 11 - Übung Nr. 7


1. The gerund after prepositions. Fill in the missing preposition.

1.1. The teacher thanked the parents having helped him.

1.2. We were interested
going to the museum.

1.3. The students must apologize
being impolite.

1.4. The teacher was tired
saying the same again and again.

1.5. They accused him

1.6. The general insisted
attacking the Red Indians.

1.7. Would ManU succeed
beating Munich?

1.8. The UN prevented the Israelis
attacking the Palestinians.

1.9. The Hedges are looking 
meeting the Bensons.

1.10. She relies
winning the prize.

1.11. She did not object
being taken to the beach.

1.12. The professor was
being cross with the student.

1.13. The student was proud
having reached his goals.

1.14. That was the reason
his leaving the club.

1.15. She was annoyed
being kept waiting for so long.

1.16. The students are accustomed
using a dictionary.

1.17. What
having a drink now?

1.18. That depends
being in London or in Paris.

1.19. The professor prides himself
having won the prize.

1.20. She's delighted
reading Shakespeare.

2. Prepositions. Fill in the blanks with a preposition if necessary. Use the following prepositions:

according to among at between by
for from in in spite of of
on over to with within

Then check your answer.

2.1. There is no space the two chairs.

2.2 The priest distributed rice
the poor.

the weather forecast it would heavily snow night.

carrying an umbrella Sheila got sopping wet.

2.5. Tim waited Karen
the bus stop.

What can you see this picture?

2.7. I lived Swansea
the 1970s.

2.8. The teacher threw yesterday's paper
the bin.

2.9. The secretary kept
trying contact her boss more than an hour.

2.10. Tim looked
the pictures Wales.

2.11. The football team would be leaving 
Maesteg the next hour.

2.12. He drove
Chandler's Ford Eastleigh April 17th.

2.13. Tim loves
go shopping  his brothers and sisters Christmas time.

2.14. Chris sat Tim and Joff.

you and me, Moira has been looking a job last August.

other things, this afternoon I want watch the boat race Oxford and Cambridge.

Divide the money your children.

2.18. Robin suffered

2.19. The mechanics would probably have fixed the car

2.20. He was troubled her health.

3. Participles instead of adverbial clauses of time or reason. Put in either a present participle or having + past participle.

3.1. it hard to look after her only child and do her office job at the same time, Mrs Pilsner made up her mind to advertise

for a French au-pair girl. (find)

her English exam, Simone wondered how she would ever be able to get the jobs she had always wanted. (fail)

to improve her English this way, Simone applied for a job in Sacramento that Mrs Pilsner had advertised. (hope)

to such a big city before, Simone felt rather lost at first. (never go)

how busy she would be all the time, Simone was very much surprised how little free time she had during

her year abroad. (not realize)

to be paid $75 a week, she was extremely disappointed to be offered only $ 20 at the end of her first

week with Mrs Pilsner. (expect)

her stay, Simone didn't really want to go home when the time came. (enjoy)

her English so much, she was sure, however, that now she'd be able to get the job she wanted. (improve)
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