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E - Klasse 8 - Übung Nr. 2


1. The passive voice. Turn the following sentences into the passive voice. No agents with "by" are required in this exercise.

1.1. People always admire this photo.

1.2. He hurt his leg in an accident.

1.3. Some people dress their children very badly.

1.4. No one has opened that box for some time.

1.5. People used the Tower of London as a prison.

1.6. Someone has broken two of my dinner-plates.

1.7. They fought a big battle here 200 years ago.

1.8. Somebody has invited you to lunch tomorrow.

1.9. People will soon forget this play.

1.10. Somebody built this bridge last year.

1.11. No one has ever beaten my brother at tennis.

1.12. People speak English all over the world.

1.13. Did anyone ask any questions about me?

1.14. You must write the answers.

1.15. People mustn't take these books away.

2. Mixed tenses.

2.1. - We (throw) a party tomorrow. Can you come, Sharon? - Oh, I'm sorry, but I (visit) my aunt.

2.2. If I (be)  on holiday, I (sleep) till noon.

2.3. Tim and Joff
football for four hours.

2.4. The Halls (live) in Maesteg Road before they (move) to the Falklands.

2.5. Where (be) Jim and Tom? I (see / not / yet) .

2.6. I (see) Tom a few minutes ago.

2.7. You (get) ill if you (drink) that dirty water from the river.

2.8. Jack (invite) me to lunch with him tomorrow.

2.9. Pam, where (be) the CDs that (be) on that shelf last night?

2.10. This bridge (repair) at the moment.

2.11. Tammy (be born) in London. She (say) she (be) a real Londoner.

2.12. The Crown Jewels (keep) in the Tower.

2.13. (have / ever / you) a  party without your parents before?

2.14. Our teacher (to think) about our wall display for some months now.

2.15. (ever / be / Jim) to an adventure holiday camp?

3. The active and the passive voice. Rewrite the sentences in the passive voice or in the active voice. Mind the tenses!

3.1. My old car is being mended by the mechanics.

3.2. Bill was interviewing that nice lady.

3.3. The workmen are repairing the road.

3.4. Leo is driving Sharon mad.

3.5. The soldiers are punishing the general.

3.6. Ian was flying the Cessna.

3.7. The boss is paying his workmen.

3.8. The architect was building a house.

3.9. This email is being sent to you  as part of your free membership.

3.10. Were they pulling down the wall?

3.11. The professor was presenting the student's book.

3.12. Is Jayne telling the twins about the new situation?

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