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E - Klasse 10 - Übung Nr. 2


1. Reported speech. Use the indirect speech. Start your sentences with he said, he asked or he wanted to know.

1.1. Have you had anything to eat, John?



1.2. What was Anne wearing at the dance last night?




1.3.The clock has stopped.




1.4. Did you ring me up last night, Sue?




1.5. Georgina is taking her exam in July.




1.6. Susan looks like a scarecrow.




1.7. What is the doctor's telephone number?





1.8. Will you have lemon in your tea, Robert?




1.9. Did anybody call during Ron's absence?




1.10. Bertie wants to be a teacher.




1.11. Three shops were burnt to the ground.




1.12. Are you going to be a musician, Mick?




1.13. I want a new computer.




1.14. May I open the window?




1.15. Can you meet me tomorrow , Patricia?




2. Conditional clauses types 1-3.

2.1. If the weather , we'll go to the seaside with you.

2.2. Tina's mum very happy, if Tom had written a letter to her.


2.3. Every student will succeed if he or she hard.


2.4. If you the underground, you would have arrived much earlier.


2.5. We would have forgiven him if he the truth


2.6. If you call me, I to your house, Sue.


2.7. They us if they have a party.


2.8. If she had not eaten so much chocolate, she sick.


2.9. If the telephone , I'd answer it.


2.10. They would have given him the job, if he an invalid soldier.

3. auch and auch nicht.

1.1. Tim: I like ice-cream.


Pete: (Ich auch.)


 1.2. Colin: Our friend will not go the concert.


Dave: (Unsere auch nicht.)


1.3. Sharon and Leo: We've just bought a house.


Ian: (Ich auch.)


1.4. Tim and Joff: Our parents wouldn't buy that car.


Mike: (Meine auch nicht.)


1.5. Dick: They can't come at six.


Sarah and Nick: (Wir auch nicht.)


1.6. Gordon: I'm doing my homework.


Jack and Jill: (Wir auch.)


1.7. Steven: Nancy shouldn't eat too much.


William: (Meine Schwester auch nicht.)


1.8. Susan: Charles must read that book.


John: (Unsere Klasse auch.)


1.9. Curtis: I hate fish.


Dennis: (Ich auch.)


1.10. Jayne: I am strong.


Anne and Derek: (Wir auch.)


1.11. Frank: I can't find my biro. 


Ruth: (Ich auch nicht.)


1.12. Tom: Mark and Emmylou came too late.


Tony: (Agatha auch.)

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