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E - Klasse 10 - Arbeit Nr. 5

Konrad Zuse (1910 - 1995)

Konrad Zuse (1910 - 1995)


1. Reading comprehension. Read the text below carefully, then, in your own words, answer the questions on the text in complete sentences.

Your friend the computer

I spent a very entertaining hour this week talking to a computer.
"Hello," I said.
"Hello," replied the computer, flashing the word across its small screen.
"How are you ?" I asked.
"Very well. And you ?" it blinked politely back.
"I'm fine, thanks. Do you love me ?"
"Yes, I do," said the computer.
The machine understands a spoken vocabulary of about 150 words, though it can't actually think for itself.
EMI Threshold will gladly sell you this agreeable companion for $ 12,500. It is called VIP (Voice Information Processor)
and marketing director John Saunders says there is no limit to its uses. It can be set up to perform simple tasks, such
as opening a garage door when you tell it to, or it will type a letter or produce a complicated statistical report through
a teleprinter linked to the system.
Even more clever, it will accept commands only from the person whose voice it is programmed to.
Barclays bank have just bought one.
"It is an invaluable aid to modern banking," said Mr Saunders. "The manager would simply say to VIP 'Account 765893',
and seconds later, he would have full details of your current financial situation.

(about 200 words)

(source unknown)


1. Answer the questions below in complete English sentences. Do not copy the text.

1.1. Why did the 'I' have a wonderful time?



1.2. What can the computer do and why?



1.3. Would you think that $ 12,500 is too much for that machine?



1.4. Would you like to have a robot or a computer in your house? Say why or why not.


2. Participle clauses. Rewrite the following sentences using participle clauses.

2.1. When Mr Brown saw that it was raining, he put on his raincoat.



2.2. As he had forgotten the number, he could not find the house.



2.3. They were exhausted by the long climb and had a rest.



2.4. As he was rather poor, he couldn't afford to go by taxi.



2.5. When Eddie saw the accident ahead, he stopped his car.



2.6. Before you enter a mosque, you must take off your shoes.



2.7. When she was asked for help, she helped generously.



2.8. Because we were so tired, we stayed at home.



2.9. Patrick picked up a book and began to read.



2.10. While Oliver was fixing his bike, he got oil on the left sleeve of his white shirt.



2.11. After the chef de cuisine had explained the problem, he asked his employees to solve it.



2.12. My files which are stored on the golden stick are extremely important.


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