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E - Klasse 8 - Arbeit Nr. 10

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka


1. Infinitives. Put in the correct form of the infinitive.

1.1. These flowers are  (to find) everywhere.

1.2. I had rather (to stay) at home.

1.3. Peter was the last (to leave) the house.

1.4. The teacher thinks that I’ll never know how (to speak) proper English.

1.5. Be so kind (to help) me.

2. let and make. Complete.

2.1 The gangster the taxi-driver drive him to the airport.

2.2. Dad often  us stay up later at the weekend.

2.3. Mr Hawk could not the kids sit still.

2.4. The teacher  the girls open the window.

2.5. At the youth hostel they us go to bed very early.

2.6. The settlers the slaves carry the bags.

2.7. Lying in the sun too long skin cancer increase


3. Adjective and adverb. Rewrite the complete sentences.

3.1. The judge has announced the verdict (just). Mrs Mason was (just) punished for her crimes (evil).

3.2. The boy had to work (hard) to make a living. But he (hard) had enough to eat.

3.3. The space shuttle climbed  (high) into space. The technology (new) involved is (high) complicated.

3.4. After six weeks in England Chris began to speak English (fluent). His (new) classmates couldn't talk


(good) as he could.

3.5. The (old) man ran (fast) the old lady.

3.6. The gangster took the money (quick). Then he (slow) pulled the trigger. But the policeman behind the counter pulled the


trigger (quick) the bandit.

3.7. Don't talk so (loud), I can hear you (quite / good).

4. Extensive reading. A newspaper report.

A sex-crazed male monkey has caused an uproar in a central Sri Lankan town, stalking and attacking girls in public

and flirting outrageously with cats and dogs, a newspaper said.

The monkey has roused the anger of residents of Kundasale by following young women around the town, jumping

on them without warning and clinging tenaciously until it was chased away with sticks and stones, the Daily News


Apparently having little success with human females, the primate also makes advances on other animals to which

it has "a very strong affinity (particularly) cats and dogs of the opposite sex", the newspaper said, adding the creature

fed its libido by stealing chocolates from local shops.

The monkey business has outraged the town in Sri Lanka's conservative rural heartland where public displays of

affection are frowned upon even between humans of the opposite sex.


Questions and tasks.

4.1. Look up the words that are underlined in your dictionary. Write the German corresponding word or expression

next to it in the table. Mind the context.


  English German
4.1.1. sex-crazed  
4.1.2. to stalk  
4.1.3. outrageous(ly)  
4.1.4. to cling  
4.1.5. tenacious(ly)  
4.1.6. affinity  
4.1.7. libido  
4.1.8. to outrage  
4.1.9. rural  
4.1.10. to frown upon  
  English German

Now answer the following questions in complete English sentences. Do not copy the text.



4.2.1. By what was the primate attracted?


4.2.2. Who gave the news?


4.2.3. What has it stolen from shops?


4.2.4. Find a short heading for the text above.



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