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E -Stufe 11 - Übung Nr. 3


1. Participle constructions. Make the subordinate clause a participle construction.

1.1. After he had listened to his new record, Alec did his homework.

1.2. As the weather was cold, we decided to stay at home.

1.3. We were surrounded by demonstrators who were holding up banners.

1.4. After Robert had been knocked down by a policeman he was carried away.

1.5. When she came out of prison, she met Hopey Dopey.

1.6. The ambassador was kidnapped while he was driving to work.

1.7. The house which is standing by the roadside is my mother's.

1.8. As she was hurt she began to cry.

1.9. The president who was accompanied by some ministers visited the exhibition.

1.10. Before he phoned Harry, Tom finished his letter to his American pen-friend.

2. Reported speech. Here you find 15 statements, commands or questions in the direct speech. It's your job to select the correct version of these sentences in the indirect speech.
Only after having finished the complete exercise click on the <Score me!> button. Wrong answers are indicated.

2.1. "I'm working hard."


2.2. "Yesterday I went to the swimming-pool."


2.3. "Don't go out so often, Ian."


2.4. "Who broke my vase?"


2.5. "Do not iron these shirts, Haldane."


2.6. "Will Joff come tomororow?"


2.7. "Where did we stop last lesson?"


2.8. "I've just heard a strange noise in this room."


2.9. "Finish the essays till next week, boys."


2.10. "When are you going to work harder, Betty?"


2.11. "Since you came, the number of guests has doubled."


2.12. "Don't wash your hair every day."


2.13. "Why do young people always drink so much?"


2.14. "Can you look after my plants when I'm on holiday?"


2.15. "The flight to Signapore will be delayed."



  answers out of are correct.

You've got
out of 30 points.

comment :


3. Mixed tenses. Read the fragments first. Then write down your answer before you check.

3.1. Doris (do) the shopping by the time Phil (come) home.

3.2 I (be) late for the show. By the time I (arrive) the audience (leave / already).

3.3. This time next year I (stop) teaching for three years.

3.4. How long (study / you) Chinese?

3.5. I (drive) to school when I (crash) my Buick.

3.6. "Tom, what (you / do) at eight last night?" - "I (do) my homework, sir."

3.7. Last year we (live) in Wales.

3.8. "What time (the plane / leave)?" - "It (leave) at six.

3.9. John (get up / always) at 5, then he (have) a shower. He (prepare) a cooked breakfast for his family. 

He (never / leave) the house before 7.

3.10. Jack (never / drink) coffee before 2 o'clock. But look! He (have) a cup of coffee at the moment.

3.11. We (stay /not) in London last week.

3.12. Rain (be) water that (fall) from the clouds in small drops.

3.13. I  (write) three letter this morning, and it (be / not) midday yet.

3.14. I (write) three letters this morning. And now it (be) three in the afternoon.

3.15. Tom (leave) his cell phone at home this morning. So he (not / get) it now.

3.16. "My goodness, I (lose) my key." - "When (you / last / have) it?" - " I (take) it out when I

(be) on the bus."

3.17. Sasha (buy) a lot of language material when he (be) in London last summer.

3.18. Waiter to guest: "I (think) I (charge) you too much. Sorry about that." - " No problem."

3.19. I (see) Peter in Florence this summer.

3.20. Sheila (always / come) to class much too late.
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