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E - Abitur - Übung Nr. 8


1. Test your vocabulary.
First repeat the words from the semantic field economy. Then play the Hangman Game.


Score :
Fails (6):

2. Reported speech. Complete the sentences in reported speech.

2.1.  Peter said in a low voice: "I love this girl."

2.2.  "Are you sure?" I asked him.


2.3. "I can't drive a motor-bike," he admitted.


2.4. "Be nice to your father," she said.

2.5. "Don't be so nasty," his aunt said.


2.6. "Don't waste so much money boys." she said.

2.7. "What have you decided to do?" she asked him.

2.8. "She always wakes me up early," he complained.

2.9. "You should revise your vocabulary regularly ," the teacher ordered his class.


2.10. "Where have you been, girls?" he asked.

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