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E - Klasse 9 - Arbeit Nr. 8

love in danger

1. Reading comprehension. Carefully read the text - at least twice - before answering the questions below.

Love in danger

Raju was not Alison Skinner's first boyfriend, but he was the first boy she really loved.

He was clever, extremely good-looking, and she could talk to him about anything.

The fact that he was Indian and came from a strict Muslim family did not worry her at all. For three years she saw


Raju almost every day, and in their free time they went to discos or the cinema with their friends and he sometimes


came to their house.

Alison thought that her love for him was getting stronger all the time and she was sure that Raju felt the same.

Problems started one day when Alison and Raju were in town doing some shopping for her birthday party. They were


just standing hand in hand in front of a shop window looking at some clothes when somebody suddenly started shouting


at them.


It was Raju's father and he was obviously quite angry. Alison couldn't understand what he was saying to his son, but she


saw that Raju was very upset. Without a word he left her and went away with his father. Alison suddenly realized that Raju's


parents had probably not known about her all these years and she then understood why she had never been invited to their house.



When Raju did not come to her birthday party that night, Alison started to cry. "Don't you know," her girlfriend Sally asked her,


"that things are not easy for his family either? If he married you, most of their Muslim friends would not talk to them any more and


his sisters would never have a chance of a good marriage. You know, in some Indian families it is still the parents who choose the


partners for their sons and daughters.

When she did not hear from Raju for two days, Alison was very sad. But she decided to fight for their love and to talk to his parents.


As she stood in front of their house ringing the bell, Alison felt terribly frightened ...


(334 words)


1.1. What do think are Alison's feelings towards Raju?


1.2. Do you think Raju loves Alison? Why? Why not?


1.3. Do you think he's right not to tell Alison that his parents probably won't accept her as his girlfriend?


1.4. Do you think Sally helps Alison when she tells her about marriages in India?


1.5. Do you think Alison is right to go to Raju's house?


1.6. Write a happy or sad ending to the story.


2. Question tags. Complete the following sentences with question tags.

2.1. Helen broke her leg, ?

2.2. Mike has got a nice house, ?

2.3. It won't take long to get to the Golf Hotel, ?

2.4. He's a really strange guy, ?

2.5. I can go to the disco at the weekend, ?

2.6. Berlin is the largest German city, ?

2.7. The Khmers live in Halifax, ?

2.8. There's a new girl in Shadrak's class, ?

3. Nouns. Complete the following dialogues. Use: much - many - a pair of - a glass of - some - they - this - these.  You may have to use some of the words more than once.

3.1. Can I have apple juice, please?

- We don't have any, but I can give you water.

3.2. trousers don't match shirt.

- Yes, do.

3.3. Do you have scissors? I want to cut my hair.

- Yes, of course.

3.4. Can I have bread, please?

- How pieces would you like?

3.5. damage was caused by the storm in Great Britain.

- Really?

3.6. What happened to Tom?

- He cut his hand on broken glass.

4. Reported Speech. Start your indirect speech sentence with an introductory verb in the past.

4.1. Does he know where he is?


4.2. Why has he gone home?


4.3. We want everyone to have an enjoyable holiday.


4.4. He hopes the date will suit you.


4.5. Was he thinking of selling my house?


4.6. They lived on a farm near Dodge City.


4.7. I'm learning German next year.


4.8. I'd like to visit my relatives in Frankfurt.


4.9. We've never been to Ireland.


4.10. My little brother fell off a tractor yesterday.


4.11. He has promised he's going to be more careful in future.


4.12. You can stay with us next time you come to the USA.


4.13. I'll pick you up at the airport.


4.14. We may see each other at the football game on Saturday.


4.15. Can you help us, please, John?


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