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E - Klasse 7 - Übung Nr. 5


1. Past tense and present perfect. (simple and continuous)

1.1. How long (you / learn) English now?

1.2. A friend of ours (open) a pizza restaurant. Last year his old restaurant in Station Road (burn)


1.3. I (want / always) to live in Brazil.

1.4. Look, I (buy) a new coat. I (buy) at Harrod's last Friday.

1.5. Tim (sit) outside his new bungalow. He (wait) for his wife.

1.6. He (forget) to write the letter to the editor. But then he (see) that his secretary

(just / type) it.

1.7. In the last years Sue (spend) every summer in Spain. She (never / be) to Portugal.

2. The gerund. Write down the correct form of the verb in brackets.

2.1. (ski) is an excellent sport.

Toby likes (sing) pop songs.

2.3. Fiona enjoys
(swim) across the lake.

Diana hates (tidy up) her room.

2.5. Joff doesn't mind
(help) his brother.

(talk) loudly in a lesson can be dangerous.

(travel) by train is cheaper.

(spend) a weekend in London would be nice.

(read) about the Celts is very interesting.

2.10. Would you mind
(close) the windows?

2.11. Dave likes (lie) on the beach.

2.12. His sister enjoys
(read) the newspaper.

2.13. They don't like
(work) at night.

2.14. Sue doesn't really mind
(come) with us.

2.15. The boys enjoy
(cycle) in the mountains.

3. Tenses. Simple Past and Past Perfect.
Complete the text below by filling in the verbs in brackets in either the simple past or the past perfect. Mind the position of the adverbs.

Last week Tom and John (want) to go with their friends to a disco in the centre of London with their friends.

When they
(come) to the underground station, they (meet) Sarah and Sally.

They (not see)
each other for many months. As they (have) some time

to wait for the next train, they
(decide) to go to the MacDonald's restaurant just round the corner. The four

(just / enter) the restaurant, when somebody (call) out their names.

(immediately know) that this (be) Carl's voice she

(just hear) . She (quickly turn)
round and (say) hello to

him in a very friendly way.
Then everybody else (shake) hands with Carl. Carl (say)

to Sally that he
(not see) her for at least six weeks. He (want) to know where

(be) all the time. Sally (tell) him that her class (be)

on an exchange visit to Germany. Therefore he (not can) meet her for so long. Carl

(want) to know how long they (stay) in Germany. Sally (reply)

that they (live) with their guest families for almost three weeks. They (come)

back from Berlin only a couple of hours before she
(decide) to go to the disco. After they

(eat) their hamburgers and (drink) their cokes, they (want)

to leave.
Five minutes later, when the friends  (leave) the restaurant again, they

that it (start) to rain. So they (have) to run back to the

underground station as fast as they
(can) .

4. Active voice and passive voice. Rewrite the sentences in the passive voice or in the active voice. Mind the tenses!

4.1. Peter was offered a drink.




4.2. Derek left the boys alone.




4.3. Jon fed has just fed the pets.




4.4. Norman will change the rules.




4.5. Anne opened the bottle.  




4.6. Sam was taken to hospital.




4.7. Tom will win the prize.




4.8. Nora was shown the house by the old lady.




4.9. The secretary has typed the letters.




4.10. Newspapers are sold by the newsagent.




4.11. Someone opened the parcels.




4.12. The robbers have stolen many computers.



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