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E - Klasse 8 - Arbeit Nr. 8

Caerphilly, Wales

Caerphilly, Wales


1. 1. Participle constructions. Participles instead of adverbial clauses of time or reason. Put in either a present participle or "having" + past participle.

1. 1.   it hard to look after her three children and do her office job at the same time, Mrs Wagner decided to advertise for a German au-pair girl. (find)


1.2.   her English exam, Sheila wondered how she would ever be able to get the jobs she' always wanted.(fail)


1.3.   to improve her English this way, Sheila applied for a job in Philadelphia that Mrs Wagner had advertised. (hope)



1.4.   to such a big city before, Sheila felt rather lost at first. (never go)



1.5.   how busy she would be, Sheila was surprised how little free time she had during her year abroad. (not realize)


1.6.   to be paid $35 a week, she was disappointed to be offered only $ 25 at the end of her first week.(expect)


1.7.   her stay, Sheila didn't really want to go home when the time came. (enjoy)


1.8.   her English so much, she was sure, however, that now she'd be able to get the job she wanted. (improve)


2. Articles. Fill in the definite article where necessary.

2.1. - Let's go by train.

- Is this train to Brighton?


 2.2. - Do you know some mountains and lakes in UK?

- Not many. I think there is Ben Nevis in Scotland, Snowdon in Wales and I know Lake Windermere in Lake District.

2.3. - All girls are stupid.

- But not as stupid as all boys in this class.

2.4. - Can we have lunch together?

- Yes, let's meet in pub at midday.

2.5. We arrived in Netherlands on Saturday night and left following Tuesday.

2.6. On our first day in London we visited Saint Paul's Cathedral, had a look at Nelson's Column, took  photos of Buckingham


Palace, had picnic in Hyde Park, and walked across Westminster Bridge.

2.7. - I live in Church Street.

- Do you mean Church Street in Croydon or in Kingston?

3.  Articles. Fill in the indefinite article where necessary.

3.1.Jack wants to become electrician.

3.2. - When did you last see Jack?

- Oh, quite while ago, about half year, I think.

3.3. What magnificent view! Many traveller must have rested here before.

3.4. Ann works as waitress. She is Scot. And she is probably Presbyterian, too.

3.5.There is plenty of time. I saw this at glance.

3.6. For change he didn't make noise when he opened packet of cigs.

3.7. Not many people would like to be President of the United States.

4. Conditional clauses. Complete the following type I sentences.

4.1.If the weather (be) good, we (go camping).

4.2.If I (get) a holiday job, I (earn) some money for my trip to Castlegregory.

4.3.We (have) nothing to eat if you (kill) all the cats.

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