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E - Klasse 10 - Übung Nr. 8


1. Mixed tenses.




















2. Relative pronouns. what and which.

2.1. The function of the 'primaries' in the U.S.A. is something is difficult to understand for foreigners.

2.2. -
bus goes to the town centre? - Number 13, I think.

2.3. -
are you doing? - I'm writing a letter.

2.4. -
way do I have to go at the traffic lights? - No idea.

2.5. Tony won the soapbox race
surprised everybody.

2.6. But   was more surprising even was the fact Tim came in second.

makes everybody laugh out loud is that Lufthansa does not know that Hahn is so close to Frankfurt.

2.8. She supports that philosophy, and
is more important she knows the philosopher is aiming at.

she can't stand at all is to be interrupted when she is speaking.

2.10. These students laugh at their teachers all the time
they definitely don't like.

2.11. After her accident she regularly does some physical exercises
is the best thing she can do.

2.12. He ran from Maesteg to Caerdydd
is very good for a man of 83.

3. Relative clauses. Shorten the relative clauses.

3.1. The man who is swimming across the lake is my uncle.

3.2. The record which was produced by Fred is great.

3.3. The hotel which is being built next to the station has 345 rooms.

3.4. The parcel which was sent by my niece was delivered yesterday.

3.5. The secretary was the first who came and the last who went.

3.6. I don't like the books which are read by my brother.

3.7. The accident which was caused by the policeman happened over there.

3.8. People who work too much have no time for their hobbies.

3.9. The plane which is landing at the moment comes from Bournemouth.

3.10. The popstar who was standing nearby quickly took off his sunglasses.

3.11. The door which was damaged by the high winds is repaired again.

3.12. The sailing boats which were decorated for the regatta came into the harbour.
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