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E - Klasse 5 - Arbeit Nr. 10

St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall

St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall


1. Prepositions. Fill in the right prepositions.

1.1. Can you help me my Maths, please?

1.2. Phil, put the books the cupboard, please.

1.3. - Where do you live?

- I live Main Street.

- We live 22 Church Road.

1.4. The party is 5 o'clock Saturday.

1.5. Church Road is the station.

1.6. Mr Throttle knows a lot   boats.

1.7. Paul's brother goes school his bike, but Susan goes school  bus.

1.8. Can you see Holmes page 9 your book?

1.9. Sophie gets half past six.

1.10. Anne is playing the cat.

2. In English, please.

2.1. Du möchtest von jemand wissen, was er gerade isst. Wie lautet deine Frage?


2.2. Dein Vater bittet dich, ihm bei einer Tätigkeit zu helfen. Du sagst ihm:

"Es tut mir leid, ich bin gerade mit meinen  Biologiehausaufgaben beschäftigt."


3. Letter writing. You are in an English youth hostel and want to tell your parents what everybody is doing at the moment.
Write a letter to your parents. Write at least 12 sentences.


February 31st, 2079

Dear Mum and Dad,



4. Present tense simple. Fill in the correct form of the verb.

4.1. Mrs Crook is writing a letter. She always a letter on Friday afternoon.

4.2. Billy normally after lunch. But look. He is getting up now.

4.3. Kathy sometimes   to work by bus. But today she is going to work by bike.

4.4. John and Jim are teasing their sister at the moment. They usually their teachers.

4.5. Sheila is listening to pop records. Normally she TV.

4.6. Today Sandra is having a sandwich for breakfast. Sometimes she coffee and cornflakes.

4.7. We are singing Irish songs today. But we often American songs, too.

5. Reading comprehension. Answer the questions below in complete sentences.

Hallo, Jimmy! I'm Joff Fall. I'm thirteen, and I'm from Durham.

I'm a pupil at Redwood School. My friend is Robert Toth. He's a very lively boy, but I'm quiet.

We're not in the same class at school. How old are you, Jimmy? Are you quiet, too?

5.1. How old is Joff Fall?


5.2. Where is he from?


5.3. Is Robert his brother?


5.4. Is Robert lively?


5.5. Are Robert and Joff at the same school?


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