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E - Klasse 7 - Arbeit Nr. 3

an Indian chieftain

an Indian chieftain


1. Reading Comprehension. Read the text carefully. Then answer the questions below in complete sentences.

The early settlers began to move west to the prairies. This was Indian country. Indian stories over the years have become part of America's culture.


In one legend the white people came from the sea - the Indians saw their ships and thought at first they were seagulls1. The white men returned


again: the Indians went out in their ships and talked to the white men, but they could hardly understand each other. When the white men came


again, a year later, they took some earth2 from the Indians and put plants in it. Then the white men came back and said to the Indians:


"Your earth was good and strong, and many plants have grown in it. We would like to come and live in your country with you.


"In another legend a Cree died, and when he was dead he heard a message. The message was, "This land belongs to you and your children,


but the white people will inherit3 it and there will be terrible times."


What these legends show is the destruction4 of the Indian lands by white people. America belonged to the original Americans - the Indians.


But little of America belongs to them now.


1 seagull: Möwe;
2 earth: Boden, Erde;
3 to inherit: erben;
4 destruction: Vernichtung;
name: Cree

1. 1. Where did the white men come from?

1.2. What did the white men think of Indian earth?


1.3. Who would inherit the land, Indians or white men?


2. Adjectives and adverbs. Juliet is talking to her friend, Sheila, about her new boyfriend Peter. Complete their conversation. Decide whether you need an adjective or an adverb in the sentences.

Juliet: What does Peter look like?

Sheila: Ohh, he looks  (wonderful), of course.

Juliet: But you seem (sad / real) today.

Sheila: I’m (sad / only) because he has gone on holiday for a month.

Juliet: You were with him at the Vietnamese restaurant last night. Was the meal (good)?


Did it taste (nice)?

Sheila: Yes, it was . I was
when we got to that restaurant, but I didn’t want


to look so I ate  (great / real / hungry / too / hungry / very / slow).

Juliet: It all sounds . Just one more question. Has Peter got a brother? (fantastic)

3. Questions. The parts you have to form questions with are underlined.

3.1. Tom got up at seven.



Tina broke her leg in Scotland last summer.





Tim and Joff went to the sea because they wanted to play in the dunes.




The bus arrived at the station at 6 o'clock.




Tommy's car was twelve years old yesterday.




Alice had an accident in Oxford Lane.






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