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E -Stufe 13 - Übung Nr. 7


1. Test your vocabulary.
First repeat the words from the semantic field education. Then play the Hangman Game.


Score :
Fails (6):

2. Gerund and infinitive. Click the answer button to see the answer.

2.1. He remembers the manager's wife in New York.

a. see
b. to see
c. seeing
d. to seeing


2.2. Did Charles remember the letter?

a. type
b. to type
c. typing
d. to typing


2.3. Jack wasn't used home after 6.

a. come
b. to come
c. coming
d. to coming



2.4. My husband used to football matches before we got married.

a. go
b. to go
c. going
d. to going


2.5. The lawyer regretted Alma about the divorce.

a. tell
b. to tell
c. telling
d. to telling


2.6. Mr McEwen, we regret you that your computer was not properly repaired by our staff.

a. tell
b. to tell
c. telling
d. to telling



2.7. Stop this terrible mess at once, boys!

a. make
b. to make
c. making
d. to making


2.8. I wanted to stop at Harrod's some Christmas presents, but unfortunately I didn't have neither enough money nor my check card.

a. buy
b. to buy
c. buying
d. to buying



2.9. Look, Amanda, it's starting .

a. rain
b. to rain
c. raining
d. to raining


2.10. I started teach foreign languages when I was 20.

a. teach
b. to teach
c. teaching
d. to teaching

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