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E - Klasse 8 - Arbeit Nr. 2

Queen Elizabeth II and the crown jewels

Queen Elizabeth II and the crown jewels


1. Extensive reading. Answer the questions below after carefully reading text.

The Crown Jewels

At the time of King Charles II the Crown Jewels were kept in the Martin Tower, which is part of the Tower of London.

An old man of eighty, Edward, who lived in the Martin Tower with his wife, earned his money by showing the jewels to the visitors.

One day in 1671 a parson and his wife came to see the jewels. While they were in the jewel-room, the parson's wife felt sick and


the old man invited them upstairs to his flat. In this way the parson and his wife became good friends of the Edwards'.

Late one evening the parson - who was really an Irishman named Blood - arrived at the Tower with three 'friends'. Edwards met the


parson outside the Martin Tower.

Blood said that he had come with three friends who would like to see the Crown Jewels, so Edwards unlocked the door and took


them inside. But as soon as they were in the room, they attacked the old man and tied him up. Their plan was to steal the Crown Jewels.

Just then something unexpected happened. Edwards' son arrived back from abroad and went to see his father in the jewel-room.


The old man shouted a warning to his son. The four thieves managed to escape with the Crown, but young Edwards gave the alarm and


soon they were all caught. However, Blood was not sent to prison.

A few days later Charles II said that he wanted to talk to Blood. The King gave him land in Ireland and told him and the other three men


to leave England immediately. It was often said that King Charles did not have enough money for his expensive way of life, and some


people still think that the King paid Blood to steal his own Crown Jewels!
(about 300 words)

Questions on the text.


1.1. Who was the parson?


1.2. Why did Edwards invite the parson and his wife upstairs?


1.3. Why did Charles II need so much money?




2. Conditional clauses. Complete the sentences with the correct tenses.

2.1. If my uncle (find / not) a job at Ford in 1928, he (starve).

2.2. His 15-year-old son John (want / not) to go into the automobile business if the pay


(stay) as low as it is now.

2.3. If the car (break) down again, we (be) late for the show.

2.4. - Look, the bird's free! Thank goodness the windows are closed.

- Yes, if we (leave) them open, he (fly) away.

2.5. - What time should we leave, Tom ?

- If we (set) off at tenty past two, we (make) it easily.

3. Tenses. Supply the correct tenses.

3.1. If it had started to rain, we (take) our umbrellas.

3.2. I (not - swim) in this dirty river if I were you.

3.3. If he (be) you, he would give up smoking at once.

3.4. If you (leave) now, you'll get there in time.

3.5. Mrs Kelly (explain) it to you if you listen carefully.

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