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E - Klasse 5 - Arbeit Nr. 8

Penyfan, Gower peninsula, South Wales

Penyfan, Gower peninsula, South Wales


1. some, any, someone, anyone, something and anything. Fill in.

1.1. I'm sorry we haven't got alcoholic drinks. But we've got fruit juice.



1.2. There are good Chinese restaurants in London.


1.3. We haven't got good book shops in our town.



1.4. I haven't got money on me.



1.5.  people never understand why cigarettes are so dangerous.



1.6. Why don't they do against this dangerous man?



1.7. Could you lend me sugar, please?



1.8. If speaks too quietly on the phone, what do you tell him?



1.9. She has got for her brother's birthday.



1.10.  was at the front door, but my sister couldn't hear .



1.11. Has left in the car?



1.12. - Have we got lemonade for the party?



 - There's left from the last party.



- Have we still got paper cups?



- No, we haven't . There aren't left. We must buy .



- Can go to the supermarket, please?

2. The simple present and the present progressive. Fill in the following verbs: eat, play, cook, be, go, sleep, watch, have.

Mr Hill (not) at school today. It's Saturday morning and he in his bed. He always till nine o' clock at the weekend.


Now it half past nine and Mr Hill in the kitchen. He breakfast. From Monday till Friday, of course, he always


breakfast at seven o'clock. Mr Hill usually to school at half past seven every morning. But now it Saturday morning and he


to the shops.


On Saturday afternoon, he sometimes a football match in Luton. But today he in London. He a big football match between


England and Germany.


Jeff Beckham often for England. He one of Mr Hill's favourite players. But Jeff today. He ill.


Now it Saturday evening and Mr Hill a meal for some friends. He often French meals for his guests.

3. Syntax. Make sentences. (+ = positiver Aussagesatz; -= negativer Aussagesatz; +? = positiver Fragesatz; -? = negativer Fragesatz)

3.1. He goes swimming every day.



- ?:

3.2. They watch TV every night.

- ?:

+ ?:


3.3. We're just having a sandwich.




3.4. He can buy a new computer every year.




3. 5.The sun is shining right now.




4. Question words. Put in the correct question word (what - where - how - when - whose).

4.1.  do you get to school? By bus?


4.2. time does the bus arrive?


4.3. friend are you? Pete’s?


4.4. do you live? In Blaeunau?


4.5. does the train arrive? At 10.30 a.m.?

5. Story writing. Use the following words to write at least 75 words: pet shop, hamster, parents, cage, basket, rabbit, to clean, animal

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