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E - Klasse 8 - Übung Nr. 5


1. The gerund. Rewrite the following sentences using a gerund construction.

1.1. They have Russian at school. It's not easy to learn.

1.2. He would like to smoke. Would you mind?

1.3. What a terrible test. We don't want to do it.

1.4. I don't  want you to sing. Stop that at once.

1.5. My mother doesn't drink any more.

1.6. We can fly to San Francisco. That's faster.

1.7. Just super! Baked beans on toast for lunch.

1.8. Just imagine that! My teacher gave me a one in English!

1.9. You can close the door. That's O.K.

1.10. She can't drive very well. She must practise it.

2. Tenses. Simple past and past perfect. Fill in the verbs in brackets in the correct tense.

2.1. He (be) in London for a year when he (meet) the Prime Minister.

2.2. My friend Daniel
(come) in when I (finish) ringing up my aunt.

2.3. How long (you, be) in England when you (visit) London?

2.4. Before he
(die), he (be) ill for two months.

2.5. The bus
(come) after we (wait) for half an hour.

3. Tenses again. Simple past and past perfect. Make one sentence out of the two.

3.1. We did our homework. We played football.

3.2. Joff was tired. He ran forty miles.

3.3. Mr Hall worked in the garden. He had a shower.

3.4. My wife had dinner. I came home late.

3.5. She did it. She told me.

4. The passive voice. Transform the active sentences into the passive voice.

4.1. The terrorists might have killed the passengers.


4.2. Your friends are expecting you.



4.3. The police regard these people as antisocial and extremely violent.



4.4. The early bird catches the worm.



4.5. His firm will sell many computers this year.



4.6. Dad sent Mum an enormous box of chocolates.



4.7. My wife bakes a cake every Saturday.



4.8. Dad always loads the dishwasher after the evening news.



4.9. My sons write a lot of e-mails.



4.10. Who invented the telphone?



4.11. The nurse will look after the patient carefully.



4.12. We must obey the rules.



4.13. Tim and Joff broke a window in the hall.  




4.14. Mr Harding has taught the students for three years.



4.15. His parents would have driven him to school every day.  


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